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I luv sports. Plain and simple

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  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3239 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    How do you feel about Al Harris?

  • Eric Mindham posted 3391 days ago

    Eric Mindham

    g, thanks a lot. lol. I'll try to work thay up to a 1/2. How's that sound?

  • MJ Kasprzak posted 3397 days ago

    MJ Kasprzak

    I want to introduce myself: I am the community leader for the greatest team in the history of the earth, and I want you to know that I'm here to do whatever I can to maid you in writing articles worthy of the Pack! That includes editing (punctuation, spelling grammar, accuracy of facts, and presentation like paragraph breaks, tags, and lists) to make your articles easier to read and get more exposure; that way, you can focus on conveying your thoughts! Let me know if you need anything.