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Sports fanatic. Particularly love football and basketball. Proud University of Tennessee grad. Twitter: @justine_brown Website: justinesinsidevoice.com

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  • Bryan Highfill posted 1033 days ago

    Bryan Highfill

    Love the articles Justine.

  • Luis Padron posted 1108 days ago

    Luis Padron

    Ms. Brown,
    You'll have a hard time sifting between the draft picks, free agents and coaches Bill Parcells wanted during his tenure with the Dolphins and those of Jeff Ireland. What we DO know about Jeff Ireland's ability to choose players comes from this last draft alone since Parcell's wasn't around to decide or influence.
    Given that, I submit that he had a terrific draft. His free agency/trade signings we as notable for the players he didn't sign or give up too much for (Kyle Orton) as those he did (Bush & Moore). To throw him out because of Parcell's decisions and Sparano's lack of coaching acumen would be shortsighted to say the least.

  • Justine Brown posted 1124 days ago

    Justine Brown

    Ummm no, that's the Bears Adrian Peterson...good try though

  • Cody H posted 1124 days ago

    Cody H

    In your celebrity look-a-likes slide you called Stephen Jackson Adrian Peterson.. For shame Justine, For shame.

  • John Simons posted 1161 days ago

    John Simons

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