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Baseball first, I have been a baseball fan since before I could walk. Growing up in upstate NY, Yankees, Mets, Red Sox and even Expos fans scattered the area. My mother introduced me to the game at the yougest minor league level, and attended ever little league and senior league game. She was a Mets fan so naturally I followed along as well, even owing a cat named "Mookie" after Mets star Mookie Wilson. Little league trips brought us to Expos games quite often. As a player myself, looking for a major leaguer to emulate, I happened upon a Yankees game one day and saw a unique style of batting from Don Mattingly and quickly adapted the Yankees as my new Team and Mattingly as my inspiration. The swing never worked for me and I never played 1B, But a Yankees fan was born!
The Jets were never my first choice to support, after all everyone in NY is a Giants fan, right. My Grandfather, A NJ resident, was an obsessed Jets fan. After a summer trip to visit and a preseason game against the Eagles in my first ever live game, I quickly became a fan.
The Knicks however are a love hate relationship. Anthony and Stat make the game exciting again and expect good things in the future.
Never a huge fan of Hockey, but the Rangers catch my attention every now and then as do the Islanders, more so now that they are moving to Brooklyn in 14... but with no Hockey so far, little chance they will hold my attention for long.

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