Isaiah Crum

Isaiah Crum


I'm a freshman at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I was born and raised in Omaha, NE. But my family is from the fine state of Michigan! GO BLUE!!! I love Bleacher Report and have used this website since early 2010...

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  • Zach Dirlam posted 1654 days ago

    Zach Dirlam

    I appreciate the love, Isaiah! Look forward to seeing some more of your comments in the future!

  • Dean Holden posted 1772 days ago

    Dean Holden

    I did say the Lions would regress with another pass-happy season, but even I didn't expect it to be this much. Then again, I didn't expect Stafford to be on the verge of breaking the "passes thrown in a single season" record, either.

    Also, I like the idea of doing a light-hearted piece to help back everyone away from the ledge, but it'll have to be after the regular season wraps up. For now, still taking things one (basically meaningless) game at a time. Get back at me about that in about three weeks.

  • Dean Holden posted 1828 days ago

    Dean Holden

    Depends on which Lions team shows up. With everyone playing up to expectations, the Lions are a better team than the Bears. But the Lions haven't been close to expectations all year. They're going to need contributions from players who have been quiet thus far (Titus Young?).

    And also, kick the ball out of the end zone, or out of bounds. Letting Hester return will make the game much harder.

  • Dean Holden posted 1829 days ago

    Dean Holden

    There's a very real possibility that the Lions miss the playoffs, but a lot is still up in the air. If they beat the Bears on Monday, they're right back in the hunt, probably only a game back in the NFCN. If they lose... it'll be much, much tougher. I'd say the odds of them making/missing the playoffs are about 30/70 right now.

  • Dean Holden posted 2085 days ago

    Dean Holden

    Hey, thanks for reading my stuff, man. It always feels good to know somebody out there is enjoying what I'm doing. To answer your question, check back later this week, I'm thinking about Thursday. I'm putting an piece together about free agency then.

    Though I'll tell you now the Lions need to re-sign Megatron more than anybody. They do that, the cap situation gets a lot easier, since they can restructure him out of making $22 million this year.