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Born: Early 80's, OK 70's, oh all right, the early 60's. In a town in North Central Florida now known as Gainesville (though some of us still use the term "Hog Town".)

Vices: Admitted Gator fan, but I'm trying my best to portray myself as objective. (I don't know you well enough to admit anything else..)

Virtues: Proudly a member of the Gator Nation. If you are one as well, you surely realize that the "objective portrayal" remark above is disingenuous at best.

Interests: Numerous, including jumping up and down in either celebration or lamentation at venues such as Ben Hill Griffin Stadium or the nearest big screen TV showing the Fightin' Gators.

Favorite Cheerleader: Mr. Two-Bits.

All the Rest About Me: Hints will be provided, cloaked in prose.

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  • Trey Jones posted 2993 days ago

    Trey Jones

    Welcome to the Gator group!