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23 year old Canadian, with Portuguese background living in Australia, self proclaimed sports nut. Religious soccer follower, wether it be the EPL, Serie A or La Liga. I love it all. The beautiful game holds a special place in my heart.
Growing up in Canada I have had almost no choice but to follow hockey and I am a huge NHL fan, Montreal Canadiens are my team.
Been a golfer my whole life, so thursday through Sunday I will be glued to my television screen following the latest and greatest tour event.
I grew up watching NHL hockey in Winnipeg, attended every game for 8 years. And then....of course they left. A horrible day for any child. It was like taking candy away from a baby, a moment I will never forget RIP Winnipeg Jets.
I am as opinionated as they come, always up for a great sports love for sports runs deep as I also love MLB ( Tigers, Yankee's, Blue Jay's) NFL ( Dallas Cowboys) and the NBA ( Toronto Raptors).
The only thing that rivals my love for sports, is probably my passion to discuss it !

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