Jeff Wackerly

Jeff Wackerly


I'm a custom home builder. I own two companies currently and am thinking of adding a few more. Normally we build new homes with the occasional larger addition or remodel thrown in for fun but right now we are doing lots more remodeling and small repair type jobs. We're building almost no new homes and just generally trying to keep employees employed.

I'm a fan of MMA. I've done a little training before but nothing really worth mentioning although I am starting to get a bit more serious. My hobbies are lifting weights, MMA and Motorcycles both dirt and street.

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  • Kevin Sampson posted 1836 days ago

    Kevin Sampson

    Hey Jeff, thanks for the note. I'd been away and busy lately so I missed your message until now. Kinda stuck in a rut right now, I really need to get to writing some more.

  • Mike D posted 2078 days ago

    Mike D

    Update for March (little late - been busy) -

  • Mike D posted 2115 days ago

    Mike D

    Holy bleep, that's you & Iron Mike (can't tell... before the face tatt or after ?)

    When you gonna write again ? It's obviously a lost cause "Saving MMA by buying the Affliction Card"

    Good to see you're still around

  • Mike D posted 2228 days ago

    Mike D

    What's up Jeff ? Didn't want to hijack TJ's article thread so figured I'd move over here...

    Last time we spoke, W was still in office. How's Obama affecting your companies ?

    I'm damn lucky I'm still with the same electrical company over here (South Boston)... have spent many months waiting for the dreaded bosses' phone call telling me to meet him with all of my company equipment in his office. 3 years ago I had 270 co-workers, today I have under 100.

    So far, so good...

  • jason hughes posted 2848 days ago

    jason hughes

  • Tyler Williams posted 3113 days ago

    Tyler Williams

    The Drink of Champions!

  • Derek Bolender posted 3119 days ago

    Derek Bolender

    Check out my new article based on an interview I did w/ Robbie Lawler:

    Thanks for the read!

  • Ingrid Hernandez-Monroy posted 3121 days ago

    Ingrid Hernandez-Monroy

    Just for laughs:

    Have a good day! --Ingrid*

  • Marco Yanitelli posted 3129 days ago

    Marco Yanitelli

    You like Monson - heres an article only abt him