Larry Burton lives in Panama City Beach, Florida and is active in many pursuits and hobbies. Key among them are Alabama Football, SEC football, ALL College Football, Nascar, Scouting, Diving, Boating and Travel. The picture is of Larry at his office.

He writes professionally for Touchdown Alabama Magazine including the Championship Season run from the press box and interviewed the coaches and players. He is proud to be a member of the Football Writers of America Association and the most read SEC and Alabama football writer at Bleacher Report. He has been credentialed by all the major bowls and the University of Alabama and loves covering the Senior Bowl each year in Mobile, Alabama.

Larry lives with his wife and Pug (Baccardi the Wonder Dog)... He is Community Leader for Alabama here on BleacherReport.com, He served several terms as a director in the Red Elephant Club and loves to meet with the Crimson Tide coaches and administrators. His Bama time were from 1976 to 1981 during the back to back National Championship years!

He is the owner of a nationally recognized employment and recruiting agency, Snelling Personnel in Panama City. He also does contract work for branches of the U.S. Military and is a proud patriot.

He is a syndicated columnist and has had articles on just about every sports website and many printed publications. He's done radio interviews with ESPN and has been sought out to speak to groups as well. Millions of people have read his work.

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  • Jerry Baker posted 217 days ago

    Jerry  Baker

    You know everyone seems to compare this years Heat team with the 50's 60's Celtics; but, I think the Celtics were different... kinda... The heat have the x-factor Chris Bosh who is a 7 footer who handles the ball like a point guard, and not to mention one of the best benches in basketball history. The only weakness I can see on the Heat is injuries. Lebron missed some games this year becuase of his back. I think its a lot more serious than people think so that's way Lebron is overrated in this years playoffs. Wade I think can be the y- factor to Bosh's x-factor. When healthy Wade is the best player in the league or at least top 3, and I think hes going to be healthy. My best guess Heat win Championship in 6 against my favorite team the Thunder.

  • Steve Sura posted 238 days ago

    Steve Sura


2011-12 College Football Bowl Coverage Team
#1 Top Writer, December 2011
#3 Top Writer, December 2011
2011 College Football Kickoff Extravaganza Coverage Team
#1 Top Writer, November 2011
Honorable Mention, November 2011
Honorable Mention, October 2011
#1 Top Writer, October 2011
Honorable Mention, October 2011