Matthew P. Parker

Matthew P. Parker


I like winning. I am a competitor. I enjoy writing.

I am man from the South and I am soon to be married to a wonderful desert darlin.

I grew up a Tennessee Vols fan in a land of the ebbing and flowing Crimson Tide, then purposefully chose to alienate myself and attend the University of Alabama from which I graduated (as quickly as possible) with degrees in Spanish and Biology.

Then I chose to pursue more education and obtained my Masters in Public Health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham - all this following my desire to work in the health field. I couldn't find work in a baseball field and a corn field was out of the question, so naturally, the field of public health was where I landed, naturally...

I moved to DC in 2008 and have since started writing for fun. To me writing has always been something inside of me that I was innately destined to be good at, it was a matter of tapping into it, releasing the valve and letting it flow, this is why I am here writing for you guys.

Go Vols and Go Nats!

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