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Flyin' Hawaiian


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  • Mike D posted 2151 days ago

    Mike D

    Yo homeboy - you're allowed one add/drop at the end of each month - let me know before Midnight if you want one.

    Happy New Year

  • Mike D posted 2192 days ago

    Mike D

    Yo Flyin', just need your 50 fighters... I'll do the rest -

  • Mike D posted 2215 days ago

    Mike D

    Where you been slappin' on triangles these days ?

  • Mike D posted 2455 days ago

    Mike D

    your thoughts please

  • Mike D posted 2555 days ago

    Mike D

    Yeah, you could tell after the Serra fight that Hughes had no hands left...

    It's just too bad BJ can't chase speed-demons around - if he ever hit Edgar with that right, Frankie's grandmother would die.

  • Mike D posted 2556 days ago

    Mike D

    Wow... just wow.

    Matt got hit so hard, he couldn't believe it was just a fist.

  • Mike D posted 2606 days ago

    Mike D

    Hey bro - got the itch again (writing, not genital) :

  • Mike D posted 2669 days ago

    Mike D

    Can you still read ?

    I've hit literary "rock-bottom"

  • jason hughes posted 2763 days ago

    jason hughes

  • Mike D posted 2770 days ago

    Mike D

    Where you been man ?

    Check it -

    Might be a laugh...or not...