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Chris Kirk


A long suffering Newcastle fan, A geordie living in exile. Passionate and loyal member of the Toon Army. I used to play a bit too, but my boots are hung up now.

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  • John Houmes posted 3054 days ago

    John Houmes

    Bleacher Report Champions League
    Pick your team. Enter both leagues. Below our the codes for the leagues:

    Most points wins : 1593-496
    Head to Head with top 8 teams qualifying for Knock-Out: 1593-518

    Please enter this in 5 other soccer writer's bulletin boards on their bleacher report page.

    Thanks. John

  • John Houmes posted 3109 days ago

    John Houmes

    Don’t forget to sign up for the Bleacher Report Fantasy Premier League. Go to , sign up and pick your team. Join both BR leagues.

    Bleacher Report - Code 184698-48718
    This league is straight up total points. Whoever has the most fantasy points at the end of the season wins the league.

    Bleacher Report Super Cup – Code 184698-56202
    In this league, you will go head-to-head each week with another Bleacher Report writer. You get 3 points for a win and 1 for a tie. The top 8 teams at the end of the season will play a knock-out tournament for the championship.

    Join both leagues!

  • John Houmes posted 3169 days ago

    John Houmes

    Bleacher Report’s EPL Fantasy season is almost over. Click on & sign in.
    Go to Bleacher Report League Forum for the latest update. Thanks.

  • ... posted 3372 days ago


    Salomon Gonzales' Eulogy....

  • ... posted 3404 days ago



    Greatest Comebacks: Italy vs Denmark ..
    The latest edition in the series is out. Have a look and leave a comment...

  • Ricky O'Neal posted 3411 days ago

    Ricky O'Neal

    Was Selling Ruud Van Nistelrooy Sir Alex Fergusons' Biggest Mistake?

    "As Van Nistelrooy continues his extrodinary goal scoring habits at Real Madrid, Ricky O'Neal asks 3 years on from his Man Utd departure whether selling the Dutch hit man was a knee jerk misjudgement from Sir Alex Ferguson."

    Be sure to check out the latest article, I'm sure you'll have an opinion!


  • Salaar Shamsi posted 3417 days ago

    Salaar Shamsi

    If you are talking about substitutions then yes! but if you are talking about transfers then I'm afraid..the changes will be made..certain amount of points could be deducted but the transfers will be active in the next game week..

    Hope this helps,

  • Ricky O'Neal posted 3427 days ago

    Ricky O'Neal

    Manchester City: Why It's All Going Wrong Already - The first artlce on B/R to reveal some shocking home truths about the real ramifications of what's going on at the Eastlands club.

    Be sure to check it out, I'm sure you'll have an opinion.


  • Simon Johnson posted 3429 days ago

    Simon Johnson

    Thanks for the POTD vote Chris.
    Cheers mate

  • Andrew Barry posted 3432 days ago

    Andrew Barry

    alri chris

    have a look and leave a comment