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George Brillis

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Born 12/2/89, Lives in Wilton, CT til I was 4 or 5, maybe 6, then moved to Easton where Ive lived since 1995. Fell in love 3 months shy of 17, heart broken hours b4 HS graduation. 5 months later fell in love with Golf, been playing ever since, best round I shot is 85. The Knicks, Mets, Patriots, Man United and Red WIngs are the teams I support, as well as Randy Orton being my favorite WWE superstar since 2003. Having met him in January 2007 along with Edge. Im part Greek, Irish, small part of me is Italian, American, I can speak Greek, Spanish, some Italian and french. Been to Greece every summer accept maybe 2 or 3 summers, including this past 1 where I went to Hawaii for my cousins wedding, I was his best man. I hope to have 3 kids and be married by age 30 maybe 31. Will start working for my dads company sometime early 2012.

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