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  • itsDL posted 880 days ago


    I have no doubt that you can replace Curry with a Price caliber point guard and that team will still be a playoff team. No doubt in my mind. And remember when I mentioned those comments all those months ago, I never said Ronny Price exactly, I said Price caliber. The Warriors have plenty of ball handlers, they're ridiculously deep, and there's no doubt they were the best "team" in basketball last season. I understand that 90% of the offense runs through curry but anyone with a decent 3pt stroke can thrive on that team. It's the system. Like I know that without Curry's consistent shooting, the Warriors wouldn't be able to space the floor as well but the passes Curry makes are simple passes any PG can do only he adds some flare to them which makes em look hard. A lot of his behind the back passes for example is just him swinging the ball around the arc. Simple.

    But Joey...and why do you gotta be Joey Crawford man? Hate that guy lol...anyways Joey I'm not tryna bag on Curry cause he's one of my favorite players to watch. His style of play and the warriors offense is just pure excitement. All I was saying in those comments all those months ago was that I thought Harden deserved the MVP award because at the time everyone was talking about Westbrook deserving MVP when Harden was literally in the same boat in terms of roster injuries yet Harden was managed to will the Rockets to the 2nd seed in the west while Westbrook couldn't even get OKC into the playoffs. And I mentioned Curry because I thought what Harden did was remarkable..I mean 2nd seed in the west is no joke, especially for a roster that missed its 2nd best player in Howard for half the season, its back up center in D-Mo sporadically before he went out for the season, their starting PG in Beverly who missed some 12 games before going out for the season, and their starting PF in T-Jones who missed more than half the season. I really thought that deserved a lot of credit because the Warriors did not have to face these injury problems that the Rockets, Clippers, Grizzlies, Thunder, Pelicans, or even Trailblazers (w/ Aldridge's messed up thumb) had. All these western conference playoff teams faced significant injuries throughout the season except the Warriors. That's a testament to how good that coaching staff is in particular. And keep in mind, I ain't no Rockets fan. I'm a diehard Lakers fan so I wasn't trying to be bias or anything. But yeah that's my reasoning. And like I said, it's not to take away from Curry's amazing individual season (most 3's, best player on best team, leading all star vote getter, etc).

  • itsDL posted 898 days ago


    Hey relax. I never said Ronny Price can match Curry's production. I said the Warriors would still be a playoff team if you replaced Curry with Price cause the teams that good. Read between the lines before talking sh*t.

  • Alexander Diegel posted 2372 days ago

    Alexander Diegel

    Yes, yes, you are right. As I read down my list to a friend right after I had published, I realized my error and went back to edit. You beat me to it, haha. You will see the change I made. Thanks for reading!
    -Alexander Diegel