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Chantelle O'Hara

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I am Chantelle and I'm 18 years old and I live, breathe and sleep football!

I am a die-hard Chelsea fan with a season ticket, who often attends away games (when I'm not studying or working!)

I've been a Chelsea fan since the day I was born (I know it sounds cliched) mostly due to my Dad's influence and have managed to turn my whole family into Chelsea fans!

I am often referred to as "The Oracle" by people that I know, mainly due to the fact that I know so much about football...any questions just let me know!!

I study English Literature at Reading University but am currently living at home and commuting.

I would love to be a sports journalist when I graduate from uni and love writing and all sports except golf!!

My favourite Chelsea player is the machine that is John Terry and my Spanish team is Atletico de Madrid (not the more obvious choice of Real, because I am not a glory hunter!!)

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