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I no longer work at Bleacher Report, though I still browse the site a few times a day to see what all my favorite writers are up to.

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  • John Doublin posted 2840 days ago

    John Doublin

  • John Lorge posted 3079 days ago

    John  Lorge

    Actually I think my problem stems from the use of break tags and not paragraph tags maybe.

  • John Lorge posted 3079 days ago

    John  Lorge

    Thanks. So if I copy my text into notepad and then past it in the WYSIWYG do think it will still alter the font changes? Maybe I will do everything in HTML and see if that works next time.

  • John Lorge posted 3079 days ago

    John  Lorge

    Hey Ben, how do u get the big grey font in the beginning of articles?

  • Tyler Lambert posted 3085 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    I wrote this article about the controversy caused by using Twitter during games. Please check it out and supply your great comments. Thanks in advance!

  • Illya Harrell posted 3148 days ago

    Illya Harrell

    Hi Ben, just wanted to give a big thanks for picking my article.

  • Ryan Alberti posted 3225 days ago

    Ryan Alberti

    Thanks for the pick, Ben. I hope the Townsend Street crew survived yesterday...

    — Ryan

  • Ryan Alberti posted 3246 days ago

    Ryan Alberti

    A Ben Bleikamp Pick of the Day—finally, finally, finally.

    Thanks much,


  • Ari Horing posted 3303 days ago

    Ari Horing

    Thanks for the pick. Your dream team article was also very good.

  • Gage Arnold posted 3317 days ago

    Gage  Arnold

    Thanks for the pick Ben! Glad you enjoyed it.