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  • Matt Hutter posted 1471 days ago

    Matt Hutter

    Only on Bleacher Report can you be a Featured Columnist and not know that Compliance buyouts on players signed after the new CBA aren't allowed...

    You're right, Jordan. B/R FC's must do all their own research, stat gathering, fact checking and editing and, unfortunately, this can lead to mistakes. As for the Compliance Buyout issue, I referenced the CBA directly prior to writing the article and it does not make any prohibition relative to Sept 15, 2012 contracts and compliance buyouts. This condition was added after the CBA was ratified to close the loophole. A reader notified me of this and I immediately edited the piece and publicly acknowledged the mistake. Sports reporters for every news outlet make mistakes all the time, so, not sure what writing for B/R has to do with this one. Had I written something about Danny DeKeyser being drafted or Drew Miller never winning a Stanley Cup, that would demonstrate a level of ignorance about the team that would discredit me as an F/C. That I failed to look for an obscure reference to an addendum not included the CBA was certainly embarrassing and I thank you for taking the time to point that out to me.

  • Dan Hassell posted 1973 days ago

    Dan Hassell

    Great articles. Aspiring to be a writer on here. Hopefully some day !

  • Zack Pumerantz posted 2073 days ago

    Zack Pumerantz

    hey man thanks for the comment, you're actually right about that they really don't play the big games there. But I felt it at least needed a mention on that slide.

  • Isaac Smith posted 2150 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    yeah my top one i think is 6k reads. And I hear you on the last two months of the semester, it's gonna be rough.

  • Isaac Smith posted 2150 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    haha, yeah i was pushing hard. I probly wouldn't be that close again for a while, but yeah...

    And I know that's some garbage, but if they're legit... haha. Also do you have twitter? That's a great way to gain reads and followers, and especially commenters on your articles. If you start using hash tags like #RedWings and #DRWchat. ups your reads significantly

  • Isaac Smith posted 2150 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    Why is that Simon guy a "Detroit Red Wings Featured Columnist"? He shows up on the wall for the Red Wings team page as a Red Wings Featured Columnist.... completely messed up.

  • Micah tordsen posted 2156 days ago

    Micah tordsen

    in response to your post on my wall. Yes. I do remember writing that. Happy to see that you take notes. Seems that I was wrong. There's always next year

  • Amber Lee posted 2199 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Nope :) It just means that he does not, in fact, suck.

  • Travis Graham posted 2214 days ago

    Travis Graham

    Hey Jordan, I'd love to discuss a few things with you please contact me at grahamt14@gmail.com. thanks

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2251 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Jordan,

    Here's my take on MLB realignment and what should be done. It's radical, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks.