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  • Tanner Wichmann posted 1465 days ago

    Tanner Wichmann

    Mr. Nelson

    I have read many of your articles and believ you have a good understanding of the QB's in this years draft. My question to you is, Which position will the Vikings attack with their first pick in this years draft? If it is Quarterback, what are the odds each of the top 6 QB's in this years draft go to the Vikings with the 8th pick?

    Thank you,
    Tanner Wichmann

  • Thomas Bratulich posted 1628 days ago

    Thomas Bratulich

    I don't think u should be a featured anything! Your up/dn article goes pretty much against what the coaches are saying coming out of camp. And...I think you are "dead wrong" about the Moss/Patterson comparison! I believe Patterson will make everyone forget who used to wear #84. May take time but remember Moss had "Rocket Arm" Cunningham throwing to him & Patterson has "Noodle Arm" Ponder throwing his way! Big,big difference!!! And Randy never deked anyone out in the open field, he only had straight line speed & great eye/hand coordination. Wait till you watch Patterson with the ball in his hands going thru traffic, not to mention the open field! You'll be eating your words & I'll be waiting for your concession to me.

  • Jeff Ernest posted 2078 days ago

    Jeff Ernest

    10 most overrrated viking in Franchise Histor???You admittedly have only been a fan since 1995.Aside from that you are way off on almost every player you pick.Most of them were only overrated in your own mind.Not real viking fans who have watched them since the 60's.Way, way off.That list would be about 50% accurate if you had made it the 10 most overrated since 1995.Then maybe,just maybe, you woulkd seem to know what you were writing about.

  • Tim Arcand posted 2164 days ago

    Tim Arcand

    Mike- the Twins lost 102 games in1982. Wanted to let you know w/o posting a comment in your article.

  • Mike Nelson posted 2302 days ago

    Mike Nelson

    @Joshua Davis: That was my bad on Shields. Was thinking one thing, wrote another and failed to catch it.

  • Mike Nelson posted 2302 days ago

    Mike Nelson

    This is "your" Mike Nelson Mr. Smith...I think.

  • Alexander M. Smith posted 2314 days ago

    Alexander M. Smith

    Is this my Mike Nelson?

  • Joshua Davis posted 2321 days ago

    Joshua Davis

    What are you talking about Shields doesn't have the burst of speed that Tramon Williams has? He's the fastest guy on the Packers roster and one of the fastest in the NFL. Williams definitely would be missed, but it wouldn't be because Shields isn't as fast as him.