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  • Henderick Mitchell posted 1667 days ago

    Henderick Mitchell


    For the record I never called you outside of your name. Read all of my rebuttals. However when you criticize a man's issues going on without knowing the entire story I find that more immature. So excuse me for questioning your judgmental behavior. I felt that your attitude/ opinion towards Messi's personal life comes across very pompous & hypocritical & I stand by it. Especially considering Messi has paid for the back taxes. He did NOT go off without paying. Furthermore do you really think the media has always told the entire story? Plus you are counting on BR to give US FULL disclosure on a case that involves a lot of money? Just because it is not mentioned doe NOT mean that something did not happen. This is too general of an article to draw conclusion about something you do not know full detail about. That is all I am saying. Just do not judge because when you are in the public eye your skeletons can be dug up as well. I have no clue what more I can say to you to support my argument. If you do not get it then I do not what to tell you at this point...

  • Sir Gunner posted 1705 days ago

    Sir Gunner

    Just don't over use it.

  • Felipe Gomez posted 1730 days ago

    Felipe Gomez

    Very funny comment on the UCL scores. Hurts being a Barça fan, but still: nice.