This started off as an outlet for my writing. As with most things in life I wasn't sure where it would take me. I dabbled in journalism in college and was looking for somewhere to write more after college. I applied to B/R and after a few months of late night writing, I've become a Featured Columnist for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

I'm a huge basketball and baseball fan. The Timberwolves are my passion. I'm also a big Twins fan and the Nationals are growing on me ever since moving out to the east coast.

I love comparing Sports and Pop Culture. I'm always up for article collaborations or brainstorming ideas.

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  • Lindsey Young posted 1568 days ago

    Lindsey Young

    Sweet! Can you show me where it was linked from?? I've actually only written that one article for them; they started following me on Twitter and asked me to write a guest piece for them...

  • Lindsey Young posted 1572 days ago

    Lindsey Young

    we're about 100 reads away from each other ;) lol

  • Raelene Holton posted 1656 days ago

    Raelene Holton

    Nick, who should I be listening for in Fantasy Football?

  • Lindsey Young posted 1659 days ago

    Lindsey Young

    Nick, I was looking at your profile... I am a huge Timberwolves fan too! i'm completely committed to them :) I worked one season as a web reporter intern, and it was the best experience of my life!

  • Kyle Langan posted 1684 days ago

    Kyle Langan

    Hey, would you be able to send your e mail to klangan@omnipossible.com? I want to get the B/R community leaders on a mailing list for a press release on behalf of Sports Media 101.


  • Dennis Parsons posted 1764 days ago

    Dennis Parsons

    Anyway I can get in contact with you? (email, twitter) Any chance you could drop me an email at parsons(at)sportsnewsnightly.com that would be great! Thanks