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Walt of Tribal Council


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  • Ryan Curi posted 1941 days ago

    Ryan Curi

    I'd love to hear back from you in regards to this article http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1282794-michigan-vs-michigan-state-basketball-contrasting-the-squads-starting-lineups, where you say there's no way MSU will finish 5th in the Big Ten. I'd like to hear your complete Big Ten predictions for basketball please.

  • Wolverine Blue posted 1950 days ago

    Wolverine  Blue

    Walt of Tribal Council...sounds like when Naploean Dynamite was saying he was in training to be an MMA fighter. Didn't you get fired as a greeter at Wal-Mart? I know you shop there...that is why you speak so often about the store. Also, did you ever play anything besides wiffle ball? such a jerk off!

  • Wolverine Blue posted 1957 days ago

    Wolverine  Blue

    brother, you create alot of negativity...I see that alot with Spartan fans...why not just enjoy the game? It's not like YOU play for anybody.

  • Yost Ghost posted 1995 days ago

    Yost Ghost

    how's it going loser?

  • Alex Domin posted 2050 days ago

    Alex Domin

    Walt, keep on trolling. I always comment back on every comment you make that Michigan sucks and what not, but you never comment back. Its like you are scared.

    For once, actually put up an actual argument instead of just "Michigan Sucks" or "Scum" or "Walmart Wolverine". Are you in the 5th grade? Grow up. And have fun with Connor Cook this season, Craig Roh, Will Campbell, Jake Ryan, Kenny Demens, Jordan Kovacs etc will make his ass eat that Big House grass in October

  • jared bouck posted 2054 days ago

    jared bouck

    you have no clue what your talking about, dont comment ever again, your just an obnoxious fool, what do you have against Michigan, oh wait, we beat you, thats why you hate so much, so stupid, go be a fan of a REAL college, go blue

  • Yost Ghost posted 2057 days ago

    Yost Ghost

    you are a troll

  • G. Salvi posted 2084 days ago

    G. Salvi

    Walt, I would just like to say that you are one of the most annoying commenters I have ever seen on this website. In the name of all that is sacred and holy, never comment another ridiculous comment that the other people on this website have unfortunately come to see with their innocent eyes.

  • Jeff McNinch posted 2167 days ago

    Jeff McNinch

    walt what I seen was one of the best defensive bowl games. Like Madden says defence wins championships. It just shows why Uof M has one of the best red zone defences in college football so dont be a hater on Michigan how about that Baylor, Washington game. No D at all hate on that one