Charlotte Livermore


I'm a college student with a passion for writing and grammar that toes the border of unhealthy, and a passion for all things baseball that crossed that border long ago. During the long, sad, baseball-less winter, I like to watch Stanford beat up on the Pac 10 and the Niners get beat up on by the entirety of the NFL. When springtime comes around, I am all Giants, all the time. Outside of sports, I like movies, writing, cooking, and being a college student.

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  • Randy Chambers posted 2304 days ago

    Randy Chambers

    Thanks again!

  • Jeffrey Schmidt posted 2307 days ago

    Jeffrey  Schmidt

    Thanks for the edits and feedback Charlotte!

  • Randy Chambers posted 2310 days ago

    Randy Chambers

    Thanks for the edit and the feedback. It's greatly appreciated.

  • Jonah P D posted 2310 days ago

    Jonah P D

    Thanks for the edits and the feedback, I appreciate it.

  • Brandon McClintock posted 2311 days ago

    Brandon McClintock

    Thanks for the edit, Charlotte. Much appreciated!

  • Doug Bretz posted 2311 days ago

    Doug Bretz

    Thanks for the edit, Charlotte. I appreciate you taking the time and going through my work. All looks good to me. Have a good one.

  • FRANK posted 2313 days ago


    Thank you Charlotte for your time.

  • Jeff Cohn posted 2314 days ago

    Jeff Cohn

    Thanks for the edit, Charlotte! That was the weirdest thing that I've ever seen, though. Obviously I would always write on the intro slideā€”it's the most important one! But, everything I had on that slide got deleted for some odd, unknown reason. I tried to recall what I had included in that slide and rewrote a similar intro. Thanks for fixing the temporary problem as well!

  • Thomas Atzenhoffer posted 2318 days ago

    Thomas Atzenhoffer

    thanks for the edits charlotte

  • Shawn E posted 2318 days ago

    Shawn  E

    Thanks for the edit Charlotte