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I see myself as a deep thinker, straight up honest and outspoken. Yes, I'm a
sports addict digging basketball, football, tennis, soccer occasionally and
MMA. The same can't be said about golf, hockey, horse racing and rugby tho.
Sure, back in early 90s/ mid 00s, I sat through Nascar races... stating this without
shame. The rule changes and chase format turned me off completely. Playoff
meetings, the World Series and even the home run derby is acceptable to me.
But... I still view baseball is an old fashion sport... I rather play than watch. Plus,
I have a love-hate relationship with pro wrestling. Boxing is pretty much dead to
me. Like it or not, MMA is the future. Opinion wise, following sports entertaining
events ( live ) is promising and remains fantastic. I expect ... every single game
to be exhilarating. Also, I do appreciate pro athletes ( some I despise ) busting
their asses for perfection and ultimate glory. It's damn near impracticable for me
to gloss over true athleticism, ferocity, charisma, rough competition in any division
and true greatness. Me? I'm just a regular working guy, loving the experience real
competitiveness and speak what I think is factual ( calling it like I see it ).

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  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 3 hours ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Yeah, I did not like the Rhyno suit thingy that had at the end of the 2nd movie. Having Hobs instead of "Crybaby Osborn" could've been cool lol. Carnage, how could I forget Carnage! I mentioned him to Charizard the other day about wanting to see him in film.

    "Just be patient and watch for dat pussy... cat." Hahahahahahahahahah! You got me too XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

  • Donovan Griffin posted 4 hours ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Merry Christmas everyone ( yeah, even to you lonely, lifeless trolls )!!

  • Randy Norton posted 9 hours ago

    Randy Norton

    Dude I have a stunt double and its below me. I'm so proud lol

  • Randy Norton posted 13 hours ago

    Randy Norton

    I reported your mom for condom fail.

  • FWP Jr. posted 21 hours ago

    FWP Jr.

    Wannabe Batman . Get a job you dipshit.

  • Bad News Barrett posted 22 hours ago

    Bad News Barrett

    Whats up Butt man?

  • Paul Pinot posted 1 day ago

    Paul Pinot

    You bet I'm late. When I was a kid, my father only bought me Marvel comics, and a kid I didn't like at my school only read DC, so they kind of were the enemy for a long time. Kind of like how Kevin Steen never watched WCW. But since then I got up to date with most of the lore, and I even got time to read some big post-crisis story arcs, but I think I'm still very new to all things DC. As a matter of fact, if you've got some advice abouit some stories I could get into...

    I think a movie is the only reason for metrosexual Lobo's existence. He's already got his classic look that everyone loved and that was instantly recognizable, maybe they don't want him to be too badass on screen.

  • Randy Norton posted 1 day ago

    Randy Norton

    Chill , Dawg. Get on the ice bath ma man !!!!!

  • Lol thats what I meant. A kiss with a boot means a kick with a bootXD. Duh...

    They do. I mean they give a well detailed backstory, achievements, etc. things that you may not have known before. Some victors are controversial but you gotta agree with their choices most of the time. What's ur fav death battle?

  • Randy Norton posted 1 day ago

    Randy Norton

    * Sigh *