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I see myself as a thinker, brutally honest and outspoken. As a sports junkie, I'm
passionate regarding basketball, football, tennis, soccer and MMA. My dangerous
lack of interest is golf, hockey, horse racing and rugby. Back in early 90s/mid 00s, I
shamelessly liked Nascar races. But now, the rule changes and chase turned me
off. MLB ( baseball ) is an old fashion sport I rather play than watch. Home run
derbies aren''t so bad ( neither are a couple of playoff match ups ). I have a love-
hate relationship with professional wrestling. Boxing is pretty much dead to me.
MMA is the future. Following sports entertaining events ( live ) is guaranteed
and remains my pleasurable addiction. Every single game that I have the available
time to witness, I expect it to be jam pack exciting. Also, I appreciate pro athletes
( some I dislike ) busting their butts, giving it their all ( win or lose ). It's impossible
for me to diss and gloss over athleticism, intensity, charisma, tough competition
in any division and true greatness. Me? I'm just a regular working guy, loving the
experience real competitiveness and speak what I think is true.

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  • Alex Riley is the best 2.0 posted 12 hours ago

    Alex Riley is the best 2.0

    I've had this idea very quite a while but I couldn't think of the right person to debate this with but a few minutes ago I realized you (the best debater I know here) would be the perfect option for this debate. If you don't want to participate in this then it's fine but I think it'll be really fun.

    In this situation lets hypothetically say that Vince McMahon passes away and leaves the company to you. You have all the power that Vince had, you can hire/fire whoever you want. You are the head of creative, you control all the operations. In this scenario you don't have a limitless budget on money but you need to spend reasonably acceptable money ( as example you can't say you'll sign CM Punk to a 10 year 100 billion dollar contract a smaller contract that seems reasonable is more acceptable) so what would you change? Who would you hire/fire? What business changes would you make? Basically how would you run the company? I'll give you what I'd do and then you give me what you would do and we will then discuss it and who's company would be better off.

    So things I would change:
    1. I would fire any TV Show writer we have in the creative room and fill it with pure wrestling minds headlined by Paul Heyman
    2. I would take Cena off TV and bring him back every year or so to put over an up and coming talent ala Chris Jericho
    3. Change the TV Rating to TV-14 and no longer make WWE a publicly traded company.
    4. I would bring Stone Cold Steve Austin back and make him my Raw General Manager and do away with The Authority (it's damn boring)
    5. I would disband the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and make the WHC the main title for Smackdown and the WWE title the main title for Raw
    6. I would bring back the separate brands and have Dolph Ziggler be my top face of Smackdown and have Cody Rhodes be the top heel of Smackdown
    7. I would have Dean Ambrose be the top heel of Raw and have (even though I don't particularly care for him) Daniel Bryan be the top face. Bray Wyatt will also be in the main event scene.
    8. I would unify the IC Title and US title and have Cesaro be the champion.
    9. I would bring back the cruiser weight division with stars like Rollins and Neville the faces of that division
    10. I'd put every effort I possibly could to bring Punk back on a limited basis.
    11. I would keep the WWE Network but put tons more original content on it.
    12. Tag Titles will have more relevance. Along with the Usos and The Wyatt's I'd put more TV time on the tag team division.
    13. I'd take Michael Cole, JBL, and The King off commentary and Put Alex Riley as my heel color commentator and William Regal as my face color commentator and have Jim Ross be my play-by-play.
    14. I'd hire actual athletes for my divas division who love the business. Not these plastic models.
    15. I'd bring Raw back to 2 hours. 3 hours is just overkill.
    16. I'd also get rid of Main Event and Superstars. Over exposure hurts wrestling so is get rid of those two shows.
    17. Lastly, I'd fire ROMAN MOTHER F**KING REIGNS

    So Donovan, I ask, what would you change?

  • Alex Riley is the best 2.0 posted 1 day ago

    Alex Riley is the best 2.0

    I think at this point, while I do respect your opinion, we just need to agree to disagree.

    Btw, I've been your #1 supporter not that liar Bobbi

  • Bobbi posted 1 day ago


    I am talking to you because old habits are hard to break.

    I have always been your #1 cheerleader... cheering you on to becoming
    Bleacher Report's - Comments Written Rank: 1. (Only 2 more to go!)

    Rah! Rah! Rah!

  • John Haviland posted 1 day ago

    John Haviland

    I'm going to do the roundtable a bit differently now, I'm going to start asking the people what sports topic you want to talk/ask questions about and tally the votes. It could be any sports topic.

  • Scorched Earth posted 1 day ago

    Scorched Earth

    Yes it is,Cool pic,Last week's RAW was alright,What did you think of last night's RAW?,LMAO,That's a very good nickname for Cena,Supedouche returned last night unfortunately.

  • FWP Junior. posted 1 day ago

    FWP Junior.

    This is FWP JR. I had to change my B/R account someone hacked my old one.

  • Ashley Jensen posted 2 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    It is my pic, not AJ Lee. Do we look like twins? lol

  • Real NBA Fan posted 2 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Check out my Bio for top 10 players at each position in 2015.

    Any suggestions? (I feel like I'm forgetting someone)

  • King of Swing posted 3 days ago

    King of Swing

    Cenas going down at Summerslam, believe that my friend.

  • Bobbi posted 3 days ago


    CONGRATULATIONS: Donovan Griffin.

    Comments Written 18,945 - Rank: 3

    I'm not talking to you but that is great!!!