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I see myself as a thinker, brutally honest and outspoken. As a sports junkie, I'm
passionate regarding basketball, football, tennis, soccer and MMA. My dangerous
lack of interest is golf, hockey, horse racing and rugby. Back in early 90s/mid 00s, I
shamelessly liked Nascar races. But now, the rule changes and chase turned me
off. MLB ( baseball ) is an old fashion sport I rather play than watch. Home run
derbies aren''t so bad ( neither are a couple of playoff match ups ). I have a love-
hate relationship with professional wrestling. Boxing is pretty much dead to me.
MMA is the future. Following sports entertaining events ( live ) is guaranteed
and remains my pleasurable addiction. Every single game that I have the available
time to witness, I expect it to be jam pack exciting. Also, I appreciate pro athletes
( some I dislike ) busting their butts, giving it their all ( win or lose ). It's impossible
for me to diss and gloss over athleticism, intensity, charisma, tough competition
in any division and true greatness. Me? I'm just a regular working guy, loving the
experience real competitiveness and speak what I think is true.

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  • bruce wayne posted 2 days ago

    bruce wayne

    hiii bats

  • FWP JR. posted 3 days ago

    FWP JR.

    Hey. What's your predictions for BattleGround?

  • John Haviland posted 3 days ago

    John Haviland

    Sorry I haven't been on lately, I've been busy.

  • King of Swing posted 5 days ago

    King of Swing

    Yep we all know Cena is winning at battleground thats one of the main problems with him being champion again the main events are too predictable. Im looking forward to the Jericho Wyatt match even though i think its too soon after Jerichos return for them to feud. AJ Paige should be good and im starting to get a little bored with the Wyatt family vs The Usos matches, just watching Raw atm.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 6 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    You didn't sound confident lol.

  • Scorched Earth posted 7 days ago

    Scorched Earth

    That's very good to hear,Thanks for your input,Donovan,Agree,LeBron going back to Cleveland doesn't change what he did 4 years ago,When he bailed on Cleveland to go to South Beach,It's not really surprising that LeBron rejoined the Cavs,Because the Miami Heat are a Very Old Team,Dwayne Wade is a Shell of what he used to be,Chris Bosh is a 3rd Wheel Player,LeBron and the Media putting a Positive Spin on the story,Yep ,If the Miami Heat were the same team that took advantage of a Inexperience OKC Team in the 2012 NBA Finals,He'll still be giving Cleveland the Middle Finger.

  • Slightly Biased Hawks Fan posted 7 days ago

    Slightly Biased Hawks Fan

    Lol this is AHF.

  • Roman Reigns Wears Crocs posted 7 days ago

    Roman Reigns Wears Crocs

    Look, we both share a hatred for Cena, but you cannot deny that when push comes to shove he can cut a damn good promo. Not this smiling laughing joking Cena, not this "I'm pretending to be mad Cena" but when he is serious he can go on the mic. Can he go in the ring? Again, when push comes to shove I think the best can come out if him. Cena cannot carry a match by himself but when put in the ring with a capable opponent he can go. Reigns is the complete opposite, even when push comes to shove he cannot put on a good match nor can he go in the ring. The Dave Batista comparison is spot on, there is a difference between the two though. Batista was 35 when he debuted, Reigns is 29. Reigns will have a longer time on top plus when Batista broke out WWE had an influx of talent such as Cena, HHH, Taker, Jericho, Angle, Orton, Edge among others many main stars does WWE have right now after Cena retires? Bryan's hurt, who knows what Punk is up to, Orton maybe, of all the new stars Reigns will be pushed as the top guy of these new stars thus making him the future face of the company.

  • FWP JR. posted 7 days ago

    FWP JR.

    Thanks for the fan add. I really appreciate it.

  • FWP JR. posted 7 days ago

    FWP JR.

    I agree with everything you said. The fans chanting boring during Wyatts promo was BS.