Donovan  Griffin

Donovan Griffin


I see myself as a deep thinker, straight up honest and outspoken. Yes, I'm a sports
addict digging b-ball, football, tennis, soccer occasionally and MMA. Unfortunately,
the same cannot be said regarding golf, hockey, horse racing and rugby tho. Sure,
back in early 90s/ mid 00s, Nascar kept me locked at times. The rule changes and
chase format ruined the experiences. Playoff meetings, the World Series and even
home run derbies are acceptable 2 me. But... I still consider baseball an old fashion
sport... I rather play it than watch. Plus, I gotta love-hate relationship with pro
wrestling. Boxing is pretty much dead to me. Like it or not, MMA is the future.
Opinion wise, following sports entertaining events ( live ) is very promising and
electric. So I expect every single game to be off da chain. Also, I appreciate the
athletes ( even some I can't stand ) busting their asses 2 perfection and ultimate
glory. Yeah, it's damn near impracticable for me 2 gloss over true athletic ability,
ferocity, charisma, rough competition in any division and true greatness. Me? I'm
just a regular working guy sunk deep into legit competitiveness and speak what
I think is factual.

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  • frank samrock posted 29 minutes ago

    frank samrock

    fuck you bitch

  • Dave posted 20 hours ago


    Come on man I just read in your bio that "Boxing is pretty much dead to you" and that MMA is the future lol. I'm a big time MMA fan, but come on now they havent had a fight do big time PPV numbers in a long time.. Boxing is still huge among Hispanics in foreign countries

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1 day ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Heyman is a great talent. How long is he the mouthpiece if Lesner goes face?

  • Veteran Advice posted 1 day ago

    Veteran Advice

    Still though, it gave me some hope when KO beat Cena clean. Don't see that often especially when a rookie's doing it. But I won't be surprised when they disappoint me as you said lol. They always manage to kiss the poster boy's arse somehow lol.
    I don't wanna see Cena on WWE title pic again. For f**king god's sake just no Cena again.
    Agreed. This year's MITB isn't hardcore at all. Do you think WWE will ever go to TV 14 again?
    New Day when they were boring, I always wished them to not get pushes and get buried. WWE always pushed them when they were boring. But finally got good. And I can see them getting buried now. WWE always seems to put boring down our throats and bury when they gets good.
    RIP Wade. One of the guys who actually have some potential. But they always bury him. A glorified jobber. On top of that they stole his gimmick which was actually working.
    #GiveBigSlowandKaneARetirement. They are doing nothing but adding boredom to the show, Pig Slow hurting careers.
    I don't know why the toddlers still thinks its still real. I never thought that when I was a toddler. Plus why the f**k they won't get bored of Cena?
    2013 was the worst for me but 2014 is there with it as well for me. I know there were Shield, Rollins vs Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Barrak Lasssnarr and fans voice. But it still was the boring POS other that those above. Bryan got injured early, show still didn't make sense. They listened to fans in case of Bryan and nothing else. It bored me almost as much as 2013.
    "One rematch, one result and one man ruined my wrestling life. John Cena... covering the Rock for the 1,2,3." Lol. And agreed. Its pain to see one of your favourites getting pinned by toddler lord lol.

  • Dan Riaz posted 1 day ago

    Dan Riaz

    Yeah... I went MIA again. LOL, sorry. I need to stop doing that. Anyway, damn son... you're eyeing me suspiciously in that picture. No I haven't done anything I swear.... pls, I'm serious... OKAY I CONFESS I STOLE THE COOKIES FROM THE COOKIE JAR, IT WAS ME.

    I call it a success story. 107 fans FROM OUTTA NOWHERE. Soon, you’ll have thousands! You will have the very website itself at your command. The rise of DG has begun.

    On the subject of Ant Man… I think this one is just going to be a bit too far. A lot of people were sceptical of Guardians of the Galaxy. But Ant Man getting his own movie? Sigh… it’s a lot of work for what is a very minor character. I say they should spend more on rebooting Punisher, Blade, you know… heroes that will actually sell. There isn’t a single person I know that really really wants to see this movie. But who knows, there might be some die hard Ant Man fans out there. In my mind Atom will always be the better character though The guy that did Ray Palmer nailed the character this season in Arrow.

    Really? I’ve never really gotten that vibe from Professor X (looking down on people). Or maybe I just don’t notice it, or haven’t read enough X-Men… dunno. And geez, you really hate the F4 XD but it kinda just shows, Marvel does have a lot of heroes that are like the F4. You know about them, they’re there… but you’re not really going to follow them. I did go through a phase as a kid of being a fan when I watched the first F4 movie in the cinemas. I used to think they were just so awesome XD

    Well if done right, you get comic backgrounds inserted seamlessly into movies. I think it’s really bad to give it a monologue intro. It’s best to start somewhere, then just work the origin story into the first movie. Or just start at the beginning of the origin story where the key moments happen. Green Lantern’s opening still makes me cringe to this day. The misinformation about Parallax… ugh. It takes very good script writing to be able to please both causal and hardcore fans. Marvel for the most part have done a good job with this. But I did think that Batman Begins and Man of Steel handled it really well too. And of course comic book fanatics aren’t really responsible for box office success, no way could they help Avengers 1 reach 1bn. There aren’t enough comic book fans in the world for that to happen from hardcore fans alone, otherwise we’d have hundreds more superhero movies.
    There’s no way that Civil War can be PG. Otherwise it will fall flat. Civil War is serious stuff, and not something you’re going to sell toys off of (though I’m 100% sure they’ll find a way). I mean, I’m sure they’ll do fine with it, but it won’t be as ground breaking as it could be. Stark always believes he’s doing the right thing, but he’s more detached to humanity than Steve is, which is the key difference.

    Knowing everything about Batman can work out really well, look at Hush?

    She doesn’t seem that way in the movies, it will be interesting to see how Hill is portrayed on screen. Because they won’t be doing Stark’s side any favours by having her retain her bitchy personality.

    I think Ronda would make a fantastic WW in terms of the way she’s built. Perhaps Gina Carano instead?

    I think Black Widow and Hawkeye have a lot more to carry their own movies than Ant Man. Of course they need support, every hero does to some extent. I really do think they’d do fine tbh. Especially if they got a good script and villain. The human element is something that we haven’t really seen Marvel explore too much outside of Tony, but he gets a superpowered suit. It ties back to the first Avengers, when Barton and Natasha realise how small they really are compared to the others.

    Well I hope they end up axing it so it doesn’t overstay. I think too much filler is the death of any story. Gotham was in danger of having too much. We were getting really heavily packed episodes with all these cameos and references. Shoutouts and easter eggs galore. Then we just had a mid season lull of pretty much… nothing. It turned into a typical detective show with barely anything to suggest that you were in fact, watching Gotham. Season 2 can’t afford to have that. Batman won’t end up appearing in the show if I remember correctly. I expect we’ll continue to see kid Bruce since it left on a cliffhanger. No chance of a time skip just yet. He hasn’t completed his investigation of Wayne Enterprises yet, nor has Gordon found the killer. I guess what made Ogre expendable was his heavy investment into Barbara, and being unable to separate him from her character. Shame they had to kill him, I just really liked the idea of Gordon finally having his own real villain.

    I wonder if they could ever have Flashpoint on the tv show… or will that require a massive budget? Stupid Roy got shelved like that, especially since they could’ve run with him actually doing something in Bludhaven, like Nightwing in Renegade. Wasted opportunity to leave his character in an interesting spot.

    I saw the latest 2k game on steam, took a look at the roster… is that a joke? Like, there’s barely anyone on there. Where the fuck is Bret Hart? And all the legends. Honestly what they need to do, is take every single star that they’ve ever made into the games from SvR 07… and throw them all in one game. Obv Benoit, Eddie, and Shane McMahon may not be realistic. But Rick Rude? British Bulldog? Ric Flair? Mr Perfect? Ultimate Warrior? I swear half the time I make a 30 man Rumble the last 5 slots are just jobbers I don’t care about. Why can’t we have a massive roster? It’s just annoying that they have some stars in one game, then cut them in the next game. I’d rather have all these guys in the game than someone garbage like Ziggler.

    Speaking of games, Arkham Knight is getting mixed reviews. Must be because of all those bugs, they suspended sales on Steam because they had to work things out first. Still sad they didn’t have free roam with Nightwing and Robin… if Catwoman could in the last game… why can’t the other two? :/

    BvS more than Civil War. DC fan in me wins here.

    Woah, saying F4 are totally irrelevant is harsh! But I guess if it’s not being made by the “real” Marvel, then it will be. But outside of movie talk, there’s no way you can say that friggen Ant Man is more important than them. I mean, Reed Richards was basically Tony’s right hand man in the Civil War. Their villlains are pretty much some of the most iconic villains in the entire MU, Skrulls/Galactus/Dr Doom. Not many heroes can top something like that.

    JL3000 vol 2 is out I think, but I’m not 100% sure. I don’t think the series is finished, but then again I haven’t really looked into it much. But you’ve nailed it all. He’s showing what total freedom can do, a really fresh perspective on the big 5. You get the unstable, unreliable element to all of them which raises the stakes, and the betrayal was the icing on the cake. I legit didn’t see it coming, they built up to it so well. You take the twin that constantly believes in them to the point where you think he’s nuts, and he’s constantly talking them up and supporting them. Then suddenly turning around and killing his sister. It takes real good storytelling to pull off a twist that nobody could see coming, and I’m generally really good at guessing what comes next. It caught me off guard.

    I mean Guy can be a lone ranger. He’s basically gotten his own solo run on Red Lantern which has apparently gone super well. Not a fan of the rugged look myself. But that’s me. I just think that he can work super well in a team. He did wonders in a partnership with Kyle, and then with Jon. It’s like, this character is so freaking good at playing off others. You even have the playful friendship with Batman. Guy in the Justice League would be awesome. Because with Hal, everything is just so forced. The arrogance, the wanna be tough guy, all that stuff is just there to make him stand out and be “that guy.” You know? Stewarts a no nonsense guy, pretty down to earth, but just so safe as a character in my eyes. Army guy, tough, no bullshit, reliable, solid… I mean that’s great an all. But Guy would bring that juvenile aspect to the JL that’s lacking. The real bad boy attitude. Flash doesn’t really do that in the New 52, he’s a lot more serious. Besides, it’s stated multiple times that Guy is friggen powerful and could very well be on Hal’s level. So they lose nothing from giving the guy a buff and making him look strong. I remember when Guy got sent to negotiations with the Star Sapphires and he just puts these green shades on and you’re like fuck yeah! XD Or when they first find Soranik Natu and he starts flirting with her straight away. The JL could use a personality like that, they’re all so damn serious all the time. It shakes things up. And he does tend to bring the best out of other characters because he plays that “best friend” role really well, he’s that cool dude that you can talk to about anything. Imagine the comedy acts you’d get with him flirting with WW then getting pummelled.

    Did you finish Daredevil yet? Excellent shit right? They did a great job keeping the filler to a minimum, and they made it as long as it needed to be. I don’t get all the hate for the suit either, I thought it looked awesome personally. It looks strange at first but it grows on you IMO. It’s as realistic as it’s going to get. So I think people need to quit bitching.

    Any idea what’s up with this? We are Robin?

    Oh also, did you see the new Heroes trailer?! HIRO NAKAMURA CONFIRMED MAN!! Fingers crossed for Peter!

  • The Durantula posted 2 days ago

    The Durantula

    If the Lakers didn't already have Clarkson, the Russell decision would've been brilliant, but Okafor just fits the Lakers style in terms of prolific scoring centers. He is the most NBA ready prospect in this draft. I think he's 270lbs too, he's gonna bully people from day 1. Next season might be Kobe's last :( league won't be the same without him. But in a way it's like he's already retired since the Lakers haven't been relevant for the last few years

  • Matt Murdock posted 3 days ago

    Matt Murdock

    Soo you guys got Mr. Russell.. Thoughts?

    I feel like the Sixers took Okafor JUST to prevent Knicks taking him lol...

    There is a very high chance that Cousins might sign with the Lakers, so I bet you're looking forward to that....

  • Matt Murdock posted 3 days ago

    Matt Murdock

    Lol funnily enough, there are mods for GTA V which makes it feel like a Superman game lol... You can fly, smash buildings and do all that crazy sh*t...

    But yeah... I agree a Superman game with actual villains would be pretty bada** But I think it would be incredibly hard to make though... And people like the AC-type-Parkour-Running of walls-Jumping stuff, like Batman has.. You can't really put that in a Superman game

  • Matt Murdock posted 3 days ago

    Matt Murdock


    Enough about Affleck anyway.. Did you see the new Spiderman???? Wtf man... He is younger than me :( I don't care that "Spiderman in the comics was really young" bullsh*t... This reboot is going to suck a**

    This might seem a stupid question, but does the Captain America movies take place during the older times? Like in the WW2 period?

    I liked AC Revelations and AC3, best tbh... Both were pretty short, but it was fun... Black Flag could have been the best, but the Naval Battles just made me rage so hard.... You can be minding your own business trying to hunt a whale and BAM out of nowhere comes hunter ships trying to kill you.

    Did you like Watchdogs?

    Lmao.. Isn't Atom getting his own show, though??

    So, is the "Arrow" making a comeback or will it be Green Arrow now? Color me sexist, but I don't want his sister being the star of the show -_-

    I honestly think, with the exception of legends like South Park and Simpsons, Daredevil is the best show on TV right now... After watching shows like Arrow, I never thought a superhero show could be that good... Lol everyone likes Rosario Dawson :P

    Lol.. So Arkham Knight is released... I got it and played it a bit.. A bit because i have exams and stuff :/ Surprisingly the reviews are mostly negative... Especially on PC. Steam gave it a 5/10

    I play on PC and many people have started having problems with the game with crashes and glitches and lags and whatnot... PS4 users as well... This is what happens when a game becomes too big to handle lol.. (I am yet to experience any problems because i didn't play it much)

    To quote Dark Knight "You either a die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

  • Bad King Barrett posted 4 days ago

    Bad King Barrett

    Well, they are destroying BNB so bad. They took his "I'm afraid I've got some bad news" phrase. I was happy when he won KOTR but now it meant nothing. Losing to guys like R truth and losing 99% of his matches. But he'll overcome the creative burial again as usual lol. I wanted Ambrose to win MITB for months but he was in WWE title match. I don't mind Sheamus winning. There wasn't a single person in the match I would like to see winning MITB anyway. Glad Reigns got away from Rollins atleast for sometime lol. Bray have great mic skills. Both lacks proper ring skills. I don't expect good matches from them. Only average ones. Is that you on the pic buts?