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I see myself as a deep thinker, brutally honest and outspoken. As a sports addict,
I'm passionate about basketball, football, tennis, soccer and MMA. My dangerous
lack of interest is indeed golf, hockey, horse racing and rugby. Back in early 90s/
mid 00s, I did like Nascar races... saying this without shame. But now... the rule
changes and chase format turned me off. Baseball is a old fashion sport I rather
play than watch. Occassionally, I prefer home run derbies and playoff meetings.
Plus, I have a love- hate relationship with professional wrestling. Boxing is pretty
much dead to me. MMA is the future. Following sports entertaining events ( live )
is guaranteed and remains pleasurable. So... every single game that I have the
available time to witness, I expect it to be exhilarating. Also, I do appreciate pro
athletes ( some I hate ) busting their tails, competing for glory. It's damn near
impracticable for me to diss and ignorantly gloss over true athleticism, ferocity,
charisma, rough competition in any division and true greatness. Me? I'm just a
regular working guy, loving the experience real competitiveness and speak what
I think is factual ( calling it like I see it ).

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  • bruce wayne posted 14 hours ago

    bruce wayne

    u thr buddy??

  • Alex Riley is the best 2.0 posted 6 days ago

    Alex Riley is the best 2.0

    That's the reality of the media. Look at what Arian Foster did last month when he was "just trying to be the best teammate he could be" sure the media laughed it off at first but when he did it again they got pissed because he was smart enough to not give them what they wanted and not give them something that they can twist around and create a juicy story out of. Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and Ray McDonald are just the flavor of the month like Michael Sam and Johnny Football were before them. ESPN, TMZ, NFL Network, and whatever other media outlet will chew them up and spit them out and move on to the next "controversial story" that they deem necessary to dedicate their entire shows to.

    1. The fact that Rihanna was abused something like 5 YEARS AGO doesn't make her the poster child for DV. Pulling her from the intro is just stupid and childish, nobody gives a damn about it and CBS shouldn't either. Their would be no outcry if they kept her on it, the only people I see crying over this DV thing is members of the media and women's group. The song they are performing on the Thursday night football game (that reminds me, I work on Thursday night.....DAMMIT!) was Run This Town and I actually like like song so F*ck you CBS.

    2. Just goes to show that even though these situations are both tragedies the current juicy story will over shadow the old story. Tell me bro, which is worse, a women getting knocked out or 4 planes getting hijacked and crashing into the pentagon, World Trade Center and killing thousand of people while leaving the country in shock. I don't know about you but I remember being a kid and staying home from school that day and say on my couch with my Mom, Dad, and Brother watching the TV the entire day and just being in shock....I didn't do that for Ray Rice. So again, F*ck you CBS.

    3. *skip*

    4. Like you said, God (or Evolution) did not build us the same physically, men would go out and hunt and women would take care of the house, that's just the way it is, was, and always will be. We were not born to be the same. Like I said before, we serve our purpose and they serve theirs, I'm not demeaning females by saying that it's just the truth. A women's body is not meant to throw a 100 mph fastball or shoot a 3 point fade away or throw with the velocity of Matthew Stafford ( I use Stafford as the example because he's the only guy I think of that has a canon attached to his arm). Sure they can play their sports with their own gender put out a women at H-Back and Patrick Willis will kill her.

    5. What I've gathered from this is Jay-Z has some amazing willpower not to lay a single finger on Solonge. Jay-Z doesn't punch her back and he gets mocked, Ray Rice hits her and he's the most hated man in America. DOUBLE. F*CKING. STANDARDS. EVERYWHERE. American media is trying to make an example out of Ray Rice but when you mock Jay-Z for not doing anything then your message is lost. I don't see anybody vilifying Solonge. I'm with you, I don't think I would take the high road and not hit a girl or take the dirt road and knock her out. I'd most likely assert my dominance and put that b*tch in a patented Ankle lock and make her tap out.

    6. Well of course, Hollywood has rather, rinsed, and repeated that method for years. Women use their beauty and body as way to climb that corporate ladder and in Hollywood, every big blockbuster movie has to have that blonde bimbo with big tatas that needs to be rescued. Look, as cold hearted as it sounds I'm going to say it anyway, people gonna lie, cheat, steal (viva la raza!), rape, and kill and there's nothing I can do about it, as long as I live my life to the best of my ability I'm going to keep moving forward. I'm not hitting a women, I learned that a long time ago so stop force feeding me the message I learned a long time ago. Ok cool, you media head don't hit women....Well CONGRADUFREAKINGLATIONS for doing something you aren't supposed to do in the first place, I hope you feel better for yourself all you analysts feeling so much better about yourself after you just tore down Ray Rices life.

    7. The thing is, is they would've blamed Goodell no matter what. Unless he took the Adam Silver route (which he wouldn't have done) they were still going to blame him and why is that? Because we like to point fingers and blame others because it's always someone else's fault and never out own. Goodwill maned up and said he messed up so leave the f*cking guy alone. DV happens every freaking year during the offseason and we're just now talking about it? The reason behind that is because now all of a sudden we have a video? Man, ESPN your morals sure are f*cked up if you need video in order to have the story all over your show. Here's a middle finger to ya, ESPN.

    Dude, AP, just spank your son! That's all you need to do. Spanking your son gets the message across. Beating the ever loving sh*t out of your four year old isn't getting your message across.

    I hope you appreciate this message. It took almost an hour type it all out.

  • bruce wayne posted 6 days ago

    bruce wayne

    bruce is back buddy

  • The 1 And Only GOAT posted 7 days ago

    The 1 And Only GOAT

    Rock vs Brock II should main event WrestleMania 32 in the AT&T Stadium and break Hogan-Andre's attendance record.

    I would do anything for that to happen

  • Scorched Earth posted 7 days ago

    Scorched Earth

    That's great to hear,Donovan,That is why i like chatting with a Fellow Sports Fan like You and Others,Because you are always honest and never SugarCoat things,I agree that WWE must depend on AJ and Paige to carry the Divas Division on their backs,Because some of the other divas can't do it,I sure hope so that would be great,I also think AJ and Paige should work with those who they are up bringing,Yep,Without those types of Matches,The Talentless Skanks are being exposed for who they really are,Nope they won't be like Trish Stratus,I definitely remember when Trish first entered Pro Wrestling she was very inexperience,But with years of Hard Work and Determination,She became one of the Greatest Women Champions and Wrestler ever,The Bella Twins will always suck,In more ways than one,They don't belong on television at all,SuperDouche is the Most Overexposed Wrestler in WWE,And is not good for Ratings,Once again i agree,Adam Rose and the Dumb Bunny are an Embarrassment,Yes he kind of does,That is exactly what Vince McMahon should do.

  • LeeXD posted 7 days ago


    Aha I can't help it, take it as a compliment, Peter Griffin is hilarious :D I've also noticed that you have strong views on the Ray Rice incident, I don't really know much about what happened, American football isn't very big over here, all I know is he hit her and dragged her out of an elevator. Was Ray Rice an amazing player or something like that? XD

  • Ashley Jensen posted 7 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    "Do you like football? If so... your thoughts of Ray Rice/Domestic violence?"

    Yes, I root for the Giants because of Eli Manning since we do not have a local team. I think the NFL would loose 10% of its players due to DV. I do not condone men or women hitting one another (unless staged like the WWE). Both Rice and his girl were wrong. Goddell did the minimal since Rice was not jailed legally by NJ. 2 games was not sending a message once others learned of why. Even with the public outcry, I do not see a hard stance taken.

  • Ashley Jensen posted 7 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    "Blood sisters? You might wanna check that out. As for my imaginative party?
    I say... from a fantasy standpoint, I bring Kate Upton, Layla, Mickie James (
    girls gotta eat ) Ciara, Jessica Biel, Zoe Saldana, AJ and maybe... you ( just
    for the hell of it ). Of course, these are dream sequences."

    No blood, only related in my mind!
    What does the Mickie James and eating mean?

  • Bobbi posted 7 days ago


    That game offered EVERYTHING one needs in sports: Winning, losing, tied game, not a tied game, bad calls, wrong calls, time out, not a time out, fighting...

    Even God laughs at the Jets' and their fans! :)

  • Bobbi posted 8 days ago


    @Peter... uh, I mean Donovan. Please comment: