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I see myself as a deep thinker, straight up honest and outspoken. Yes, I'm a
sports addict digging basketball, football, tennis, soccer occasionally and
MMA. The same can't be said about golf, hockey, horse racing and rugby tho.
Sure, back in early 90s/ mid 00s, I sat through Nascar races... stating this without
shame. The rule changes and chase format turned me off completely. Playoff
meetings, the World Series and even the home run derby is acceptable to me.
But... I still view baseball is an old fashion sport... I rather play than watch. Plus,
I have a love-hate relationship with pro wrestling. Boxing is pretty much dead to
me. Like it or not, MMA is the future. Opinion wise, following sports entertaining
events ( live ) is promising and remains fantastic. I expect ... every single game
to be exhilarating. Also, I do appreciate pro athletes ( some I despise ) busting
their asses for perfection and ultimate glory. It's damn near impracticable for me
to gloss over true athleticism, ferocity, charisma, rough competition in any division
and true greatness. Me? I'm just a regular working guy, loving the experience real
competitiveness and speak what I think is factual ( calling it like I see it ).

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  • bruce wayne posted 13 hours ago

    bruce wayne

    heyyy don

  • Lol true. The old man once said that the fans dont care about superhero cult anymore referring to Hogan when he jumped ship to WCW and now he bring an even more clean cut superheroic character in Cena following that up with Reigns!! That old man needs a kiss on his ass. A hard kiss. With a boot!!

    Lol yeah:D. They are super informative and funnyXD

  • Randy Norton posted 1 day ago

    Randy Norton

    I'm Batman and you are Butt Man lol

  • Randy Norton posted 1 day ago

    Randy Norton

    Only thing he is good at now is posing. Forget wrestling Pose , Believe That.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 1 day ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Ok lol. Would all of the 1s u gave me be in YOUR top 10?

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 1 day ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    It's a top 10 list, not top 20. U dished out like an additional 10 themes XDXDXDXD. Out of all those you listed, the only 1 of those that could make my top 10 is Orton's (and actually, IDK if I prefer Burn in My Light or Voices).

  • Jazzie J posted 1 day ago

    Jazzie J

    .......and I was not shocked.

  • LeeXD posted 1 day ago


    Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too! Is there anything you particularly want from good ol' Santa Claus? :D

    Yeah Batman's depressing-ness makes him interesting, no one likes a happy, positive thinking superhero. Batman's no.1 followed by Iron Man then Wolverine XD DC's just had bad luck box office wise, I enjoy more of Marvel's movies purely because story lines are more interesting but DC's got Batman so thats enough for me. Have you ever seen some Japanese movies? Lindsay Lohan is still kind of a weird way, if I was a guy, I wouldn't kick her out of bed LOL.

    I was talking about Alfred Hitchcock when I was talking about classics XD Oh, I see. Have you ever watched Inception? That was pretty complex. Yeah I agree, if he fails, it will literally haunt his acting career.

  • The Muggle posted 4 days ago

    The Muggle


  • Randy Norton posted 11 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Roman Lame wins.