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  • Mista Amazing posted 1689 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Obama wins idiot.

  • Riley Hamilton posted 2018 days ago

    Riley Hamilton

    I understand that SEC players and teams are good. REALLY good. But when a subpar SEC player gets his name thrown out there (Mathieu) people fall in love with him and over hype him (Heisman votes). I will give it you, 6 titles isn't a fluke (Except Auburn over Oregon... Dyer's wrist was down) but Mathieu isn't as good as everyone says

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 2254 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    Thanks for the compliment and request, Cody!

    I'll be working on a series the next few weeks involving previews of all the sections of the offense and defense (linebackers, defensive line, running backs, etc.), but not all of them balled together. I may do that at a later date, probably after the spring game.

    My next project probably will be the defensive line, followed by the running backs and then the linebackers. Cornerbacks and wide receivers will likely be second to last, followed by special teams kickers.

  • Tim Fontenault posted 2364 days ago

    Tim Fontenault

    That's pretty funny. You're talking about guys who are going full speed for six seconds at a time, get plenty of chances to rehydrate and rest during the game. After that game, where they play maybe 25-30 minutes, they get a six day rest at the worst with nothing but practice in between games.

    Footballers in the biggest leagues in the world first of all play more than twice as long during their club seasons as NFL players. The players on the best teams and in the biggest leagues are playing in two to four competitions at a time. Manchester United, last year's champions in the Barclays Premier League in England, played 60 games from August to May. The player with the most appearances, Patrice Evra, played in 48 of those games.

    Add in that during the August-May season, they are also representing their national teams at various points. This was especially important for European players during the last season as they absolutely had to play for their countries during UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifying. He didn't play as much for France this past season due to France's severe punishment for its players after their World Cup fiasco. In total, he played 51 games. The year before, he played even more.

    That's all during the August-May season, but once that June-August window hits, there is more representation of the national team. Some of these guys have been playing non stop for several years playing both for their club and their country. They have to fight through it and they can because they are so athletically gifted. They train as professionals from the time they're 10 most of them to be able to live like this.

    Don't come in here with that crap about American football players being more physically gifted than real footballers.