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  • Jim Day posted 789 days ago

    Jim  Day

    Thanks a lot Travis. Definitely appreciate it. Just trying to put as much info out there as I can.

  • Travis Wakeman posted 789 days ago

    Travis Wakeman

    Your articles are very knowledgeable, Jim. Any edge I can get in my fantasy league I will take and I believe your articles could be that. Keep up the great work.

  • Jim Day posted 798 days ago

    Jim  Day

    Thanks a ton Eric, always great to hear. I hope I can keep giving you more good info. If you ever have any questions or players you want to discuss I am almost always available and will definitely get back to you.

  • Eric L posted 798 days ago

    Eric L

    I just read a fantasy article of yours for the first time and it was a great, non bias, knowledgable article. Keep up the good work Jim, ill definitely be reading more of them here in a few weeks!

  • Jim Day posted 811 days ago

    Jim  Day

    Haha well I will continue to try and give you stuff that will help your fantasy season.

  • John Camera posted 811 days ago

    John Camera

    Well not only are you a Giants fan, but you write some great fantasy stuff. My interest in guaranteed.

  • Jim Day posted 814 days ago

    Jim  Day

    Thanks Smitty, you know me too well, lol...

  • Smitty Smith posted 814 days ago

    Smitty Smith

    Quality write-ups thus far, my friend. I look forward to a long list of articles I know that you will soon pile up lol

  • Jim Day posted 815 days ago

    Jim  Day

    Thanks Will. I really loved your piece on Tiger. I totally agree with you on that one.

  • Will Leivenberg posted 815 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Jim! Really enjoyed your piece yesterday players falling in the fantasy depth charts, terrific work!