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I bleacher report to talk to other fans and get my opinion across, i have no interest in writing or becoming a writer just talkin to others. Pls dont comment on my grammer or style of writing cause it doesnt mattter to me. Please do edit my work as its always a welcomed improvement

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  • J posted 3132 days ago


    My next competition is up, I hope you will take part…

  • J posted 3138 days ago


    This is the fourth in my connection series analyzing the odds of some of the events that occurred during the draft from a mathematical standpoint. I think this is a pretty interesting read, so I hope you have time to look at it…

  • J posted 3163 days ago


    I have posted a competition for WrestleMania XXV predictions, so have a look and get involved.
    It’s just for a it of fun, but should hopefully put an end to all these prediction articles.

  • J posted 3165 days ago


    This is the third in my “connections” series, and I think my favorite so far. Taking a slightly different look at the wrestling world, through philosophy and ethics…


  • J posted 3166 days ago


    No, it's not because you write on english time, there are just a lot of articles being produced atm and its hard to get reads.
    You last two peiecs weren't bad, and got more reads than some articles have been getting.
    keep at it though, reads will come

  • Celeste Winchester posted 3168 days ago

    Celeste Winchester

    Hey dave
    here is my latest article I hope you get a chance to read it and please leave a comment as you feedback is always welcome, please don't forget to link me to your new articles

  • J posted 3169 days ago


    Here’s the sequel to my “Mathematical Connections to Wrestling” article. Hope you enjoy reading…

  • J posted 3173 days ago


    hey dave
    Just finished an article that I have been working on for a few days now.
    It’s something a little different, but I have put a lot of effort into it so I hope it came out well.
    See what you think…


  • Kenny Mayhew posted 3235 days ago

    Kenny Mayhew

    no problem

  • Joe Burgett posted 3239 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    Well Dave while it is true my stuff comes up a lot on google, it usually does days after I write them. It takes a while for google to get in in their system. Allthough B/R's stuff is liked to it, it will not appear right when you write them. Look for it tomorrow or Wednesday and it should be up.

    Google just does not get stuff right away. I have been writing for 4 months on B/R so my stuff has been circulating around for a while for them to get a hold of. Did that answer your question?

    -Joe Burgett