Rey David Gamboa

Rey David Gamboa


It all started when Jordan shoved Russell out of the picture and made the game winning basket to win his 6th ring. From then on, my love for the game evolved.

I never had a chance to play for my high school, as the team was always stacked with talent. But I never stopped improving my game. Everyday is a chance to improve. That's the thing I learned from all the Michael Jordan documentaries I've watched late at nights, and all of Kobe's visits here in Manila.

I'm one of the biggest Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose fans in the world.
I started rooting for Kobe when Shaq left the Lakers, and it was Kobe's turn to run the show. A lot of people hated him when that happened, and having the Colorado rape case sure didn't help. I've seen a lot of great moments from the Black Mamba. From his 81 point explosion, to a near upset of the Phoenix Suns in 05-06 (Which, I truly believe, he should have been named MVP) to winning two straight championships.

When Chicago drafted the hometown hero, Derrick Rose, I know he will be the one to restore the Bulls legacy.
And I was right.
I've never seen a point guard with that speed and strength to finish of the break. And his hunger to improve his game (adding 3-point range, being clutch) has earned him my respect. Now, I'm collecting his adidas signature kicks. No doubt, he'll win MULTIPLE championships for the Windy City.

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