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  • Matthew Fairburn posted 2209 days ago

    Matthew Fairburn

    I apologize if it came off that way, but the article was just meant to be fun. The assignment was given to me by my editors, and I had a tough time with, knowing no matter who I picked people would be upset. Fact of the matter is it's nearly impossible for me to tell the real intelligence level of each player, so I went based off of some interviews. Meant no disrespect to Kopitar, you or any other readers. I sincerely apologize if it came off that way. I appreciate you taking the time to read and provide feedback of my work. I'm not particularly proud of that article, and hope it doesn't change your perception of me as a writer.

  • Jeff Lamphere posted 2217 days ago

    Jeff Lamphere

    First of all what gives any of you the right to criticize Ndamukong Suh? How many of you have made charitable contributions of any dollar amount to anyone? Secondly apparently none of you have the ability to comprehend what was printed in this story, because lost in his donation to Nebraska is the fact that "Suh has been a huge part of many of the charitable events the Lions organize, but he also does much charity on his own." Mr. Suh does not need the attention or acceptance from a bunch of ignorant, hypocritical, unappreciative and/or criticizing morons like you Joe Richardson, you Jay H, you TK Wondra, or you Shawn Reddy, whom must apparently hate him so much that nothing he does is worthy of being even marginally good enough for you. I don't care how many of you hate him, he will forever reserve a place in my heart for the charitable work he has done. As a quadriplegic I understand how appreciative and grateful he is to those who have benefited thus far from his enormous heart and financial generosity. I am so sick of you stupid fools who think you are better then him, and especially better than those of us in the Detroit area like you TK Wondra!!! God help you you pitiful little ignorant fool... what do you know of the people of Detroit? You probably know what you see on TV and believe every word of it which only goes to prove your ignorance lack of class and inability to show any compassion for your fellow man!!! I love it when you people call the people of Detroit classless because all of you show your true colors and I trust that the Lord will judge you appropriately. There are hundreds of thousands of people in Detroit, as well list the surrounding area as well as the entire state of Michigan whom are extremely hard-working, forgiving and wonderful people to know. I have lived in Denver Colorado, and Cleveland Ohio, not to mention vacationed all over the United States and to be honest with you as much beauty and as wonderful as some of the people are that I have met, I would not trade Michigan or its people for any of them. There is a reason I chose to come back to Michigan when I had every opportunity to relocate permanently to several different states as well as overseas... nowhere I have been on this planet is comparable to Michigan, or its people. I am proud to be from Michigan, and I will pray that our Lord opens your heart fills it with love, and teaches you compassion for your fellow man. Happy New Year and may God go with you.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2254 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey TK,

    I just wrote an article on Tim Tebow that I think you will find interesting and entertaining. Let me know what you think when you have a chance. Thanks.