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Rollin Yeatts is the former lead columnist for North Carolina basketball on B/R, now working as an independent writer for hire. He is also a member of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association (NSSA) and the U.S. Basketball Writers Association (USBWA). While his main subject remains college basketball, his expertise flows into the NBA, NFL and college football.

Rollin also runs, serving as a columnist, editor-in-chief, copy editor and co-producer and host of TSB's weekly "The Low Blow Sports Show" podcast.


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  • El Nino posted 1413 days ago

    El Nino

    you are way better than that Todd guy - he's a douche. You are more insightful and show the passion of the writer's game. And you don't make reference to A-Rods home runs *

  • Truth Will Be Revealed posted 1598 days ago

    Truth Will Be Revealed

    Thanks for checking out the blog! Will take your advice on the paragraphs and be on that soon. Again, thanks!

  • Truth Will Be Revealed posted 1617 days ago

    Truth Will Be Revealed

    Started a new blog, feel free to check it out and tell me what you think

  • Aaron Ware posted 1636 days ago

    Aaron Ware

    Hey Rollin! I just did an article about UNC Hoops for! Could you put the link here on B/R?

  • Dilan Ames posted 1682 days ago

    Dilan Ames

    Thanks so much for the reader praise and kind words, Rollin! Appreciate every bit of it. It's always nice when someone "gets" your articles, haha! Have an awesome weekend man.

  • Mark Carroll posted 1684 days ago

    Mark Carroll

    No problem, Rollin. It can be tough to keep up with that kind of stuff, especially during this time of year when you have guys declaring for the NBA, players being dismissed and recruits getting ready to enroll in classes. Great slideshow, though. I look forward to reading more of your work soon!

  • sharon triplett posted 1727 days ago

    sharon triplett

    I said the other day in a comment that do we really need another Kansas.UNC again didnt they just play last year - same beacket. I said that the Kansas fans hate Roy and he insulted the team with Hansbrough, Ellington by sitting in the Kansas section with his wife rooting for Kansas the game before they met(If my memory hasn't failed me) a responder called me an idiot because he loves Roy Thank you for making me realize I am correct there will always be bad feelings for Roy yet the committee seems to enjoy it. I love the Heels and have for years. There are 3 other 8 seeds who could have been put there. I think it is really unfair because of the history. Show me anywhere else in the brackets where two schools with this history are constantly put together.

  • James Bedell posted 1756 days ago

    James Bedell

    No problem Rollin, I've had enough trouble with that myself! Hope you have a great day too, and I look forward to reading more of your work.

  • Mark Carroll posted 1768 days ago

    Mark Carroll

    You're welcome, Rollin! Thanks for yet another clean article with excellent content. I was a little nervous at the beginning of ACC play and thought Paige's game was just too limited, but I think he's gaining confidence and starting to show what he can do. As you said, it's a lot easier when you're feeding Tyler Zeller instead of Desmond Hubert. While we won't be bringing home a national title this year, I really do think these guys have the potential to get it together and put on an exciting postseason.

  • Mark Carroll posted 1782 days ago

    Mark Carroll

    Picking the ACC in the preseason was a nightmare. I was less optimistic because of how much we lost from last year's team, so I had Duke first, NC State second and Carolina sixth. FSU has been much worse than I thought, and Wake Forest has been better than I predicted. Of course, a ton can between now and Selection Sunday.