Ryan Poppert

Ryan Poppert


Born and still being rasied a NU fan. Nebraska Football is a huge thing to me, I would problably be the biggest college football follower in my area.

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  • john cory posted 2037 days ago

    john cory

    Ryan, haven't seen you in a long time.

  • Patrick Runge posted 2095 days ago

    Patrick Runge

    Thanks for the like of my article, Ryan!

  • Chris Lane posted 2139 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Awful funny, you apologizing for some idiot....Well, if you knew me at all, you'd know that I don't really let stuff like that get to me. I just wanted to help the guy out. It was obvious that he didn't know the game very well. I really was trying to teach him a few things...I guess not every Husker fan knows football, that was something I always thought was true...I live in Florida and have for 30 years. I used to have a girlfriend from Nebraska and she knew football as well as I did. It was fun watching that Tommie Frazier run against Florida with her...

    Oh well. I know that your team has rich traditions that run deep as well as I know my Buckeyes and their traditions. You don't have to apologize for that dude. Good luck to you and your school in the future. Keep in touch with me from time to time. I just want to show you I'm not some schmuck, that's all. Take care, brother.

  • Kraig Lundberg posted 2187 days ago

    Kraig Lundberg

    I'll be getting one out sometime today, Ryan. Just starting my sophomore year of college and it's been a long first week, I'll be posting more often once I get settled in. Thanks for the interest.

  • john cory posted 2191 days ago

    john cory

    Ryan, I am sorry , I thought we had a pretty good back and forth that was fun for both of us. I did not realize that my comments were hurting you.

  • mick deezle posted 2195 days ago

    mick deezle

    Don't know what happened to justin miller. Perhaps he got flagged? That guy's a tool.

  • Leo Florkowski posted 2201 days ago

    Leo Florkowski

    If you write a bunch of articles that I love I will become a fan.

  • Leo Florkowski posted 2201 days ago

    Leo Florkowski

    Consider this me sending you a "like" as requested. Glad you have felt passionate about the article I wrote.

  • Kraig Lundberg posted 2204 days ago

    Kraig Lundberg

    And that's not a comment directed towards you in the slightest, just to be clear.

  • Kraig Lundberg posted 2205 days ago

    Kraig Lundberg

    Oh, and he's right, heated conversations (you should see some of them John and I have had) are fine as long as you keep it civil.