Sabrina Woodworth

Sabrina Woodworth

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Currently living in Mongolia (it's killing me that I'm missing most of the hockey season). I’m a typical Canadian, give me a beer and a hockey game and nothing can make me happier!!! Hockey has been a huge part of my life, played 15 years, refereed 4 years, instructed 3 years, and coached 2 years. I love discussing hockey, it helps me forget I'm living in the middle of nowhere in a country that has never heard of hockey (A Canadian's Hell).

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  • Mr Muttley posted 857 days ago

    Mr Muttley

    I wonder...
    I wonder if a 140lbs, Old English Sheep dog and and his old sailor would ever survive ten minutes in the lovely landscape of Mongolia?!?


  • Derek Scarlino posted 1207 days ago

    Derek Scarlino

    Mongolia, eh? I was in South Korea last year and would not be denied my hockey. if you're missing out on games, try -- I watched a ton of Leafs games last year (even streamed some for my students in class).

    Not sure how the internet situation is over there, but if you're on B/R, you can't exactly be in the middle of nowhere, haha. Cheers.