Rick Randall

Rick Randall


I grew up in a family with three brothers, but while they all were attracted to the arts, I was attracted to sports almost immediately. I played all sports around the neighborhood, but focused on only baseball on the organized sports side starting with my sophomore year in high school. All Star teams and summer camps followed, and I was a co-captain of the high school team as a senior. Following high school, I followed a few teammates to Shoreline Community College and made the team there as a walk-on. A nerve injury which resulted from all-out play led to more complications, and ultimately rotator cuff surgery, which eventually (paired with my alarming lack of foot speed) ended my playing career.

Though the option to play baseball was gone, my passion for the game was not. I traveled to the Winter Meetings in Boston one year and was offered a few minor league jobs, but decided to pass them up for the time being while focusing on my career at that time and my family. Baseball never went away, however, and I've shared my thoughts and opinions with anyone and everyone who asked.

Life moved on and that family has now grown to a wonderful wife, two dogs (Fenway and Wrigley), one cat (LouP) and two wonderfully amazing children (Nolan and Brooklynn). As you can see, the baseball theme permeates the Randall household.

During the July, 2010 Cliff Lee trade rumor period, I was taking dozens of calls/texts daily from friends inquiring about what the ultimate outcome of the talks would be. My amazing wife, Jody, simply said, "Why don't you just start a blog so everyone doesn't call you five times a day?".

So I did. My blog, http://www.randallonbaseball.com/, is one of a few places where you can find my work regularly throughout the whole year.

I still loves the Mariners, even though the current big league product is a little less than stimulating, and I still loves to talk about the game with fellow fans. You can also find me writing about baseball as a featured columnist in the North County Outlook newspaper in and around Marysville, WA.

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