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  • Slightly Biased Thunder Fan posted 4 days ago

    Slightly Biased Thunder Fan

    Our NFL fantasy draft is August 9th 8pm PST

  • Jens Gehring posted 8 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    Yeah, didn´t get it why they haven´t signed Tyler, however, ths seem pretts convinced from this new guy. And from what I read so far, he has a NBA-formed Body and is skilled^^ So why not?!?

    I´d call Washingtons offseason solid. Yes, good additions, no doubt.
    But they really Need one more key-piece- The backcourt is elite with Wall and Beal... It can only be compared to maybe Curry and Thompson or Rose and Butler if healthy and in good shape^^
    the 3 is solid with Porter and Co. Center is above average but not fascinating with Gortat^^ But hey, PF, Nene is not the answer... A guy like Kevin Love or Aldridge could have done so much. With such a guy, they truly would have been contenders...

    Charlotte is tricky, they gave up potential in Vonleh and gained good pieces for now! But on the other side, they are not ready to make a big Impact and their Talent is limited either... They got a lot of solid pieces, but no one who can carry them.
    So they semm to be somehow stuck :-(
    But sometmes Teams surprise with Team Spirit and overperforming... Maybe MKG gets a jump-sht next seashon or Kemba is able to Play some hard defense, Zeller will stand his man against settled NBA-Bruisers like West or anyone^^. And Big Al goes for 2 Blocks a game *g* Haha, we´ll see...

    For time being, If Mavs will make the 7th or 8th spot I´m happy. If the Bulls will reach Conference-finals it´s ok, too.

    But to be honest, the Championship will be crowned to one of those Teams: Spurs, Cavs or GSW^^

  • Mavs 113 posted 10 days ago

    Mavs 113

    Nah, I would rather develop Powell or get a veteran big who understands basketball systems like Jermaine O'Neal or Samuel Dalembert as backup. I would love to see Powell starting in the future but he needs to work a lot over the course of the next few years to get there.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 13 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Yea Oubre is still raw... He needs to work on his jump shot and defense more, to be a consistent 3-D player.
    I like that idea of sending Oubre to the D-league lol. Otto Porter will get more minutes, to fully breakout.

  • Jens Gehring posted 15 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    Yeah, I´m also no fan of "fat Deron, most overpaid and coach-killing Player"!
    BUT, he´s from Dallas and could finally feel home. He failed in big market and would this is his last shot for redemption. He´s a System playing PG. We have Carlisle and good Systems running...^^ He´s a buy low-project now.
    The risk is low for 5 Mio a year and the outcome could be amazing. I´d give him a a Chance.

    Not hoping for Javale^^ But I think Mavs are searching for such Kind of Player, just to have Options of Zaza with his playing style doesn´t fit well. They rea Kind of opposite players^^ Zaza with a high B-IQ, good help-D and pacing and JaVale with None of this, but unlimited athleticism....
    But hey, I´m still convonces that Powell should have a fair shot! I know, you don´t measure him that high... but if he bulks up as you said, all can happen^^

    Seraphin would be also a great fit, but would eat up cap for maybe Josh Smith or next summer and he´s also no above the rim playing Center like Javale^^ We´ll see.

    For time being, I would try to convince Josh Smith for reasonable Money (4-5 mio) not longterm and sign Center for vet-Minimum. If this Center doesn´t pay out, than it doesn´t matter.... Just throw in for some minutes Powell/even JoshSmith or our plan ZZZZ -> Sarge!!!

    What´s about the Wizards? Very quiet, prepare to hold Beal?
    Charlotte didn´t splash anything either^^

    Next season will be amazing though. Just very hyped about the Bucks for the Moment, they flashed me... :-) Never seen a Team with THAT Long arms, haha! Great fits, too.

    And THE top 3 battle from potential is just unbelievable!
    GSW / Cavs / Spurs. They are All Champions on paper without any doubt^^ But there only can be one.... I vote for the Spurs though.

    Here is my power ranking EAST, something like this, some are very Close together...:

    1) Cavs
    2) Heat
    3) Bulls
    4) Bucks
    5) Hawks
    6) Raptors
    7) Wizards
    8) Celtics
    9) Pistons
    10 Pacers
    11) Nets
    12) magic
    13) Hornets
    14) Knicks
    15) 76ers

  • Mavs 113 posted 16 days ago

    Mavs 113

    While Lionel Hollins is a good coach, Carlisle is definitely top 3 and with his strict discipline, I'm confident he can get D-Will's head straight. Hollins may be strict but Carlisle is stricter.

    If we sign JaVale McGee, I think we should be ok but that's if we sign him. I'm really uncertain about the playoffs though, it's more likely we'll narrowly miss the playoffs and get no draft picks and have a long summer to wait. But it's still offseason so we'll just have to see.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 17 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Bro, Kelly Oubre was really impressive today!!!!
    But I'm still mad about Bobby Portis...he played better hahaa

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 17 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Realistic expectations

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 18 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Sorry I didn't realize they got those players. Neal is streaky, Dudley's the same, and Anderson has 3-@-D

  • Mavs 113 posted 18 days ago

    Mavs 113

    I want the Mavs to pursue JaVale McGee or Jermaine O'Neal so they can serve as backup or even starter. We need better backup post players, Evans and Powell aren't enough.

    I think the Mavs are entrusting Justin Anderson as backup SG/SF so that's good, they'll probably split the minutes between RJ and Anderson. I like it when we actually develop young players.