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Yes my profile picture is a young John Wall, before he had 80 mill in his bank account...
I'm 20 years old, from New Zealand

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  • Beau Bartlett posted 1 day ago

    Beau Bartlett

    Yeah, I don't really follow merchandise too much either, I usually just buy cheap shoes to ball in, haha. When I see an article on here with new kicks I'll take a look though. I might get a pair of Wall's new adidas, I thought about it with his reebok's but they were too ugly, lol.

    RG3's fun to watch. I don't really follow the NFL too much, but it's still probably my 2nd favorite major sport on TV. I watched some Skins games during RG3's rookie season (not so much last year) He just needs to avoid getting hit so often, he's already blown his ACL twice!

    I think with Monroe we would need to move some contracts, or work a S&T with Detroit. The only questions I have with him are,

    a) Defense (pretty slow, doesn't move well laterally, struggles on the perimeter, he would be playing the 4 with Gortat, but imo he's better as a C)

    b) Will his lack of range create spacing issues on offense?

    Those are really my only two concerns though. He's great with his back to the basket and can rebound at a high clip, has high IQ (might help mask some of his physical limitations on defense) even though he's not a rim protector his size can be a deterrent.

    What about Al Horford (if we save the cap for 2016 and strike out on Durant) His game would fit so well with the Wizards, the only thing with him is past injuries. He's done his pectorals (right and left ) so that could be a problem in the future, plus he'll be 30 in 2016, so maybe not the best option?

  • Jens Gehring posted 2 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    Hi Corey,

    how are you?
    I was on vacation and had a lot to do... Good for me that NBA is quite silent at the moment. The only thing coming around was the team USA and of course the finalizing of the deal about Wiggins / Love everybody knew already ;-)

    Coming back to our topics:
    Yes the minutes-rotation for Mavs will ne hard and I also want to see Crowder more than 14 minutes, but unless he hits the 3 better, there won´t be many minutes more than that!

    After Wall and Beal were rejected now it took us Chandler Parsons. Also here I´m a bit confused. On the one hand they have put focus on "shooting" and they also went "big" now. Both points, Parsons could have added value^^
    But again, we´re not the ones who make the decision ;-)

    Now, that the trade around Love was done, what do you think?
    I believe Cleveland is the 2nd BIG ticket in the East behind Chicago...
    Minnie got worse short-term of course, but have a lot of assets in place to be strong in future. And Philly of course also got worse shortterm but will be better long-term as Bennet has still more upside than Young^^

    Yeah, of course there are now rumaors about Hibbert-Shopping...
    I guess, Monroe would make no sense for Indiana, but Dragic would do so. But you´re right if they would do so, Bledsoe would automatically receive is Max.
    I think the best for Indiana is to make a breakup shortterm. Get Assets for West to a contender and get something back for Hibbert. Give young players playing time and next year they can buy big in FA with George than back. They have nothing to win this year^^

    And Hibbert to Dallas could have made sense if there was no Tyson, yes. But I´m not sure of how well he would have fit... I mean, Tyson is not THE rim-protector by definition or THE best 1:1 paint defender. What he brings to Dallas is orchestrating the whole defense and moving quick enough to play a brilliant help-defense or close the driving lane for cutting guards! That is why Tyson was so worthful. I´m not sure if Hibbert would have done so.

    In general Hibbert gets more criticism than he deserves. He is hard working unselfish guy, but was kept in a down-spirale! So too much blame for him...
    But on the other hand he is a actual Max-player and you simply can expect more out of such a contract than playing solid defense and being "clumsy" on the offensive board!
    All-In-All it tells us a lot about team-chemistry. In a well functional chemistry such things wouldn´t have happened, I guess. You can have 3 or 4 bad games in a row, but not 3 or 4 months in a row ;-)))

    What do you think about the actual Monroe situation and Bledsoe, too?


  • Sir Gunner posted 5 days ago

    Sir Gunner

    That 13.5 million hit on the cap is gonna suck, but when Josh is good, he's good. On the bright side we don't have to pay for the first year in his contract for obvious reasons, so I don't mind the move. Shipping away Cody is gonna suck, but Vonleh is the obvious heir to the PF position.

  • Hector Kings posted 7 days ago

    Hector Kings

    He's one of the nicest guys ever but I want him to retire.

  • Hector Kings posted 8 days ago

    Hector Kings

    I want Cleveland and Philly to buuuuurn. Phoenix too but that's strictly because of the Nash trade.

  • Beau Bartlett posted 9 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    Oh yeah, did you see Wall's new signature shoe yet? I think he's supposed to be going to China to push his new line pretty soon!

  • Beau Bartlett posted 9 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    Yeah, there just doesn't seem to be many steady Wizards fans on this site. I feel like we've paid our dues by supporting the the team through the tough times so the band wagoners we're getting now are a little annoying. Even if some of them are real fans, where were they when we sucked? The only other person I remember that used to comment a lot was Rafik, but I rarely see him anymore.

    Yeah, Monroe would be solid, that would kill our chances at Durant though wouldn't it? I know there's a good chance he stays in OKC but I feel like if he doesn't do that then he's coming to DC... On the other hand if we did get Monroe and Durant really wanted to come here we could always just trade Monroe for Durant, lol. That might even make KD more open to signing with us because he would feel better about the Thunder getting a nice piece in return! .....Okay I'm getting carried away, haha, but still that could work!

  • Hector Kings posted 9 days ago

    Hector Kings

    I want Cleveland to fall on their face...
    Dan Gilbert is a hypocritical bitch and I hate him. I'm using language but BUMP CLEVELAND!

  • Knickerbocker posted 10 days ago


    It won't be fair bro. I probably will still watch but, THEY'RE GONNA BE SCARY!

  • Knickerbocker posted 10 days ago


    If they get Emeka, I'm not sure I'll watch basketball this season.