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BOLD PREDICTIONS Prior to the season;
-Philly will finish with the worst record in NBA history
-Detroit are the sleepers of the East, will finish 6th
-John Wall will lead the league in APG

-Dallas will make WCF

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  • Beau Bartlett posted 2 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    Well... I should have looked at the schedule before making my predictions. In comparison the Raps have a cakewalk. Pretty much all of the Raps games are very winnable. Meanwhile we still have the Warriors, Rockets, Grizzlies, Hawks and Cavs with 12 games to go. Now I'm just hoping we can get 4th and homecourt,

  • Beau Bartlett posted 8 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    The whole team's playing with more energy! It's great to see everyone hitting their stride at the same time. Beal had a great game against Portland, this is the perfect time for him to build some steam. I want to see him focus on putting up more threes (6-7 per game would be good) or just going all the way to the rim for layups/ FT's.

    I think Bynum was like 22 and 7 in China. He injured his hamstring in the last game, we'll have to see how he recovers from that, apparently it's only minor.

    Gentry would be great, he also helped the Clippers offense last season. Keeping Don Newman as the head assistant and defensive coordinator while adding Gentry to deal with the offense would be a good combo.

    Playoff seeding? Hmmm, 3-5 is hard to predict, Bucks are a lock for 6th then Miami and one other team. Without looking at schedule's here's my prediction.

    1) ATL
    2) CLE
    3) WAS- it's tight between 3-5 but we've been a little better than TOR or CHI lately.
    4) TOR- could easily finish 3rd but haven't been playing well.
    5) CHI- injuries
    6) MIL
    7) MIA
    8) BOS

  • Beau Bartlett posted 15 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    Since that Pistons game we're above .500!!!

    Wall's been playing beat up for while but he looked a little more spry against the Hornets. I still wish he could find some to heal up, but we really don't need Sessions starting games right now. I'd love for the Wiz to pickup Bynum now that China's over. Could be a good move to allow Wall some downtime, Bynum's more capable as a starter than Sessions, imho.

    Getting someone from under Carlisle isn't a bad idea at all. I knew Casey came out of Dallas, didn't know about Stotts. Who's there ast right now? Tbh, I have no idea which assistant's might be good, we already have Newman from the Spurs crew, pretty sure he was a defensive coordinator there (dont quote me on that) I always wanted to see what Cassell could do but there's probably better options.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 24 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Trevor Ariza was also a big key in the playoffs last year. Hopefully Pierce can do what Ariza did last year :P

  • Real NBA Fan posted 24 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Hope Beal starts to pick it up this month, and continues during the playoffs.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 25 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    I hope Beal can start playing like the way I expected him to play, before the season.
    He's been underperforming this year, and that injury made it worse...

  • Real NBA Fan posted 25 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Washington loses 6 games in a row, and they FINALLY win a game!

  • Jens Gehring posted 26 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    I´m totally with you!
    And I would even go far ahead. If Rondo works out (still have the hope), this is the best starting 5 by far^^ I can´t see any time coming Close... An Elite scoring Punch with Ellis and Dirk! A boarderline All-Star defensive anchor with Chandler... An elite PG and the best true floor General since Jason Kidd in his prime and elite Defender with Rondo. And one of the best complementary Players who does it all with Parsons. In theory so great! But it only dpeneds on the commitment and effort of Rondo...
    But I really have hope, read some articles that when Kidd came over here he had Kind of same Problems with Carlisle. We will see!

    Ok, Convinced on Crowder, would throw 3 Mio to him, too! :-) And in ad. to his latest Performances, he has agreat character and high motor^^ But the loss of Brandan Wright still hurts us more. So glad that we have now Amare.

    Now think of the Bucks if Parker would be healthy^^. It´s not too bad with MVW on PG, at the 2 Middleton or Mayo, Giannis at the 3, Parker at 4 and throw in Henson or whoever, even Zaza at the 5...

    Cody zeller and Vonleh, the best potential PF-Tandem in the NBA, but at some Point potential muss convert to the game ;-) Hope Vonleh will see some time soon, but as you said the Coach doesn´t trust him right now^^

    Btw. sometimes it´s funny to see how it develops. Haven´t talked about Kanter, Adams and McGary... Remember Meyers Leonard?!? He was a 10th pick and has a very high work ethic... And he still is on the Level of vet-minimum veterans you can buy on mass... It must be really hard even to get over the boarderline of constand NBA-readiness^^

  • Beau Bartlett posted 26 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    Alvin Gentry would be a solid choice, I just feel like there's probably some really good prospective coaches that I haven't even heard of. I would be totally fine if we got someone like that. I never heard Mike Budenholzer before he was w/ the Hawks.

    Another loss to a bottom feeder though. I'm not sure how much firing Wittman would do right now, but if you think about it, what good is Ernie doing? The trade deadline has come and gone, we sure as h!@# don't need him for the draft. How amazing would it be if Ted canned is a$$ right now!!!?

    (I know he probably won't but I can dream)

  • John Haviland posted 26 days ago

    John Haviland

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