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  • Enzo posted 4 hours ago


    yo Corey, i released a massive thread in the league. feel free to read it when you got the chance and comment in the coment section :)

    btw, there are two spots left. so if you still want your friends to join, now would be the chance to do so

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 23 hours ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    For you bloodthirsty people...

  • Mavs 113 posted 1 day ago

    Mavs 113

    I'm sad that the Mavs didn't pursue Wright, he would have been a huge re-addition lol. I really miss watching those athletic lobs but at least we have DeAndre now.

    Judging from last season, our offensive historic run was led by a trio of PG's and a freaky Monta Ellis. I still believe that even if we don't hit a home run on PG, our offense can be could and like you said, I'd love to bring some veterans to lead the offense like Jameer did. Mo Williams is one crazy dude but I think he'd be a nice addition if we did land him, I don't see Nelson returning after that trade though...

    We really need to deal with the PF and C backup, Powell isn't going to do. I'd say no to Amare either, he's great and all but we need a younger and more defensive minded player. It'd be nice to have Samuel Dalembert back, he knows how to play some defense, same with Dejuan Blair.

    Mavs Current Lineup:
    C: DeAndre Jordan - Dwight Powell - Satnam Singh
    PF: Dirk Nowitzki
    SF: Chandler Parsons - Justin Anderson
    SG: Wesley Matthews - Richard Jefferson
    PG: Devin Harris - Raymond Felton

    I hope we can fill these holes sooner rather than later because all the quality players will be gone by then.

    By the way, what do you think of Satnam Singh?

  • Real NBA Fan posted 1 day ago

    Real NBA Fan

    I think he'll definitely start this year, after his amazing playoff performance! He looked really confident in the playoffs so no doubt, he can play better during the season.
    I liked the Neal pick up also.

    Bro I just realized, we're in the same fantasy football league. Idk much about the NFL so I'm gonna wing it haha. The draft is on August 1st.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 2 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    I'm liking the bench so far!
    I think Otto Porter averages 14 and 6.5 this season. Excited for him most

  • Jens Gehring posted 2 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    yeah, i just can´t believe it!?!?

    DJ is here!!! And Wes! :-)

    Beverley is gone though, however 7 Mio is a lot^^
    But I don´t see any Need for upgrade on PG as Long as it would not be siginificanly... And i can´t be significantly becaus eof missing cap and FAs ;-)

    So Devin can still run the Show on moderate Level. And remember his lobs to Brandan Wright and they all over all playing pretty good together? Just can happen with DJ, too :-) And for classic playmaking they can also use Parsons now more and more!

    1) Harris ) Barrea ) Felton
    2) Matthews ) Anderson ) Jefferson
    3) Parsons ) Anderson ) Jefferson
    4) Dirk ) STAT or somebody else like Carlos Boozer for the vet-min
    5) DJ ) Powell

    We Need one Quality big-man to sign and Biyombo would fit the bill.
    And then we would have a great 9 man Rotation which is more than good. Than some good bench warmers... :-)

  • Mavs 113 posted 2 days ago

    Mavs 113

    I don't believe it! Oh my god! WE GOT HIM!

    I'd rather have us re-sign J.J. Barea and use Barea as starting PG and Harris as backup and then have Felton play more minutes this year. Richard Jefferson is coming back so we still have shooting and we just need to find some backup bigs and SG.

    Current Mavs Roster:
    C: DeAndre Jordan - Dwight Powell
    PF: Dirk Nowitzki
    SF: Chandler Parsons
    SG: Wesley Matthews - Richard Jefferson (He's coming back)
    PG: Devin Harris - Raymond Felton

    I think a lot of people are underestimating the DeAndre signing. Everyone is saying how he only flourished under CP3 and all that but they have to consider this: When the Mavs had Nelson/Barea/Harris at the helm of the offense, the Mavs were on the course of being the best offensive team in NBA history. Jordan was featured in 4 of 5 of the best offensive lineups last season and if he thrived under great offense by the Clippers, he will thrive under the Mavs. And also, Mavs also are one of the top teams in dunks and if Jordan thrived through all the lobs and dunking, Mavs are a great Pick and Roll team that will force Jordan to play at his best: rolling to the rim and catching lobs or bounce passes for the easy jam. He'll work wonders down below. I think this is a great signing for the Mavs, plus, DJ and Parsons are going to lead the future of the Mavs.

  • Beau Bartlett posted 3 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    Nice, Neal too? This offseason's shaping up alright! Wouldn't mind getting West and keeping Nene for depth, but if that's not possible I'd rather just trade him. Could definitely see the Raps taking him for one year, they're a team that could actually use him.

  • Mavs 113 posted 3 days ago

    Mavs 113


    I'm excited now, I think with Matthews, Dallas might have a better chance at DJ since our starting lineup looks a lot better now. I'm really excited but let's just wait and see...

    I was rooting to draft Delon Wright but he got picked earlier so I guess Justin Anderson is alright, good player. I really wanted Montrezl Harrell though and he fell to the Rockets...

  • Jens Gehring posted 3 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    crazy crazy crazy...
    I was so worried about the things that happened and about the rumors and that we don´t get DJ, but I´m now more optimistic again due to the Wes-signing... And 13 Mio are in range of OK.