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Yes my profile picture is a young John Wall, before he had 80 mill in his bank account...
I'm 20 years old, from New Zealand

Charlottes focuses

-Signing options; Jameer Nelson / Ramon Sessions / Patrick Patterson / Ed Davis
-Resign Tolliver, McRoberts
-Trade Gerald Henderson + Cody Zeller for Gordon Hayward

2014/15 lineup, ideally;
PG: Kemba/ Nelson
SG: Hayward / Hairston / Neal
SF- MKG/ Neal/ Taylor
PF- Vonleh / Patterson / McRoberts
C- Big Al / Bismack

Dallas Mavericks
Sign Dirk Nowitzki on a 3 year 33m deal (11m per season)
Go after Tyson Chandler, do a trade of Jose Calderon + Brandon Wright for Tyson Chandler (Maybe Larkin or Mekel too)
Resign Dejuan Blair and Devon Harris, don't over pay however, resign Carter and Marion to vet mins, but decrease their role to develop younger guys
Sign Luol Deng for roughly 8-10m per season
If MIL draft Embiid, try a trade for Sanders rather than Chandler

2014/15 Lineup
PG; Harris/Larkin
SG;Ellis/ Carter/ Ledo
SF;Deng/Crowder/ Marion
PF;Dirk/Blair/ Marion
C; Sanders/ Dalembert

-Free Agents; Trevor Booker, Kevin Seraphin, Chris Singleton, Garrett Temple, Trevor Ariza, Marcin Gortat, Al Harrington and Drew Gooden
- Resign Booker, Gortat, Ariza, Gooden
-Try trade Webster to free cap
-Sign Rodney Stuckey

PG- Wall/ Stuckey
SG- Beal/ Webster/ Rice Jr
SF- Ariza/ Porter
PF- Nene/ Booker
C- Gortat/ Gooden

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  • Mavs 113 posted 7 hours ago

    Mavs 113

    I'm just so mad at Donnie Nelson and Mark Cuban right now, WHY ON EARTH CAN WE NOT ATTRACT FREE AGENTS?!?!?!?

    We have all the tools to do so:
    - We have a top 5 coach in Rick Carlisle
    - We have two great leaders on the team in Ellis and Dirk
    - We have possibly one of the best medical staffs in the NBA
    - We got a good atmosphere and environment in Dallas
    - We have cap space and money
    - We have a consistent winning culture

    Seriously, what have the Mavs done to make this place so unpopular? Maybe it's the players themselves but seriously, this Melo drama got the Mavs screwed and possibly wasting one more of Dirk's year. So far these are the moves we made:
    - Swinging and missing on Carmelo Anthony: Most stinging is the fact that he never actually considered going to Dallas and that he wanted both big money and big market like the Lakers or the Knicks. FAIL
    - Only Signed FA: Our only signee so far is Devin Harris at a nice cheap 3 YR/ $9 MIL deal which is okay. SUCCESS
    - Losing Bench Depth: Losing Vince Carter to division rivals Grizzlies and losing his leadership and production off the bench. FAIL
    - Losing players and draft picks: Losing Calderon, Ellington, Larkin, Dalembert and 2 picks was a heartbreaker for me because we lose Larkin and we lose trade pieces in Ellington, Calderon and Dalembert. Sure we got Tyson back but Felton in the deal?!?!? I would rather have demanded Tim Hardaway Jr. so we get something more "valuable" back. Team chemistry is good but if it meant that bench production drops, I'm not exactly hyped. FAIL

    In other news:
    - RFA Payment: Offering Parsons a 3 YR/ $46 MIL deal to force the Rockets isn't all that bad but when you consider the contract details though......We'll see how it pans out.
    - Rumors but no news: I heard Mo Williams, Trevor Ariza, Luol Deng, Chris Andersen, Shawn Marion are still needing to hear from the Mavs. I haven't heard much from Mo rumors but I heard that Deng is slowly crawling away from the Mavs. Ariza wants to listen to the Mavs pitch so he is a possibility, and Birdman has beeno n radar but no news of meetings yet. I know that many teams want Marion but I want to retain Marion.
    - Re-Signees: I haven't heard much about what we are going to do with DeJuan Blair and Sarge. No news has come from Blair and last I checked ESPN, it's puzzling whether we know that Sarge has returned or not. I have no clue.

    I seriously don't know what or where the Mavs are looking for, they just wait and when it fails they act on plan B which hasn't been all that successful. Once Melo decides his team, I think the Mavs need to start being aggressive and going after FA's hard. Once Melo chooses, the domino effect is in play, the Mavs need to correct this by going after Deng and perhaps chasing Monroe.

    But right now, I'm pissed at what the Mavs FO is doing.

  • Mavs 113 posted 8 hours ago

    Mavs 113

    Damn, we just lost Vince Carter.....

  • Real Hornets Fan posted 10 hours ago

    Real Hornets Fan

    Charlotte isnt going to get Hayward sadly, so I say we offer a similar contract to Lance Stephenson maybe a 5yr/60 million. Then go after a Kirk hinrich or Brain roberts for a backup point guard spot. Also sign marvin Williams and we r set to go.

  • Sir Gunner posted 19 hours ago

    Sir Gunner

    Not sure if you saw the SL game, but that's what I was talking about Josh Davis, arguably an even better rebounder than Vonleh.

    I'm extremely disappointed with how our star-rookies performed, PJ's mind wasn't in the game and Vonleh just looked raw, but had nice footwork.

    I can see #32 and Josh Davis making the squad though.

  • Sir Gunner posted 1 day ago

    Sir Gunner

    Well, looks like the Hornets are gonna have a great chance in coming in first in the Southeast division!

  • John Haviland posted 1 day ago

    John Haviland

    The roundtable is postponed until tomorrow because I have to change the third question. :P

  • Jens Gehring posted 1 day ago

    Jens Gehring

    Yeah, Parsons is not the 1st go-to-guy, but we have already Dirk and Ellis. And don´t Forget our Big-Shot Vince-the Prince, but Parsons would be a nice fit on both Ends, yes.
    And even if I´d measure Deng as the better Player Overall, you also have to consider that Parsons is 4 years younger! :-)

    And his personality, great! It´s funny to see how life develops. Yes, last year he was one of the reasons Dwight signed... and now?! *g*

    In addition I believe it was a very strategic move from Cuban to put a lot of pressure on the rockets (one of the biggest rivals in their Division) and force them to make tough decisions. Independent on how the rockets decide, both directions would hurt them^^ So smart move from this perspective.
    Here is what the last plan of the rockets was, so I guess: 1) Hope that Lebron leaves Miami 2) sign Bosh 3) match a Parsons offer sheet predicted between 10-12 Mio
    And now?!?! Haha, they would have Problems with getting Bosh for 88 Mio as the cap was less than predicted and tehy can´t get the Asik trade with the Pelicans done. And even if they get all the trades done and Bosh accepts a offer, the 72 hours are probably run out. And If not, they could match Parsons, but they would become the 2nd nets and are blown in salary for 4 Players who put them in luxury tax with 25-30 Mio!!!

    So no nice Situation :-)

    Cleveland is really sending the right signals to Lebron and is making smart moves!!! Allen in Miller in discussions are good sign to LeBron too. Clearing the cap before comitting... Stron arguments.
    And now imagine:

    1) Irving
    2) Wiggins / Waiters
    3) Lebron
    4) Bennett or Thompson
    5) Varejo

    Can´t imagine more Talent... And if tehy could manage a trade for Love with adding Thompson/Bennet/Waiters and a future pick which would be more than fair for 1 contract year left.

    1) Irving
    2) Wiggins
    3) James
    4) Love
    5) Varejo

    This is Kind of unbeatable and chmpionship-lock...

    Haha, yeah you´re right. Haven´t seen this coming, that Dallas and Charlotte make strong RFA-signings^^ *g*

  • Mavs 113 posted 1 day ago

    Mavs 113

    I guess it's worth it for now.....

  • John Haviland posted 1 day ago

    John Haviland

    If you want to be in the roundtable, here are your questions:

    1) Do you think the Hornets offered Gordon Hayward too much? Why?

    2) What do the Pelicans need to do to make the playoffs next season?

    3) Will the Heat's recent signings help them retain LeBron James? Why?

  • Sir Gunner posted 1 day ago

    Sir Gunner

    From today forward the Jazz has 3 days. Today was the official day per league rules I believe.