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Bengals fan '14
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  • Beau Bartlett posted 3 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    Top 3 is certainly within reach for Wall next season. I'd say the top tier of point guards right now is Curry, Westbrook, CP3, and Wall. Kyrie, Lillard, Conley etc are a rung down imo.

    Thoughts for the offseason? Can we finally fire Ernie? There's has to be more talented (prospective) GM's out there, but we'll see what Ted does. My money's on him bringing Ernie back, but you never know.

    In the draft hopefully Booker, Kaminsky, or Turner fall to us, more realistically though I like Jerian Grant. Great passer, more than capable scorer. You can play him next to Wall or Beal, he'd be an excellent 3rd guard to have coming off the bench.

    I know a lot of people want a stretch 4 too. I see Portis' lack of lack of explosiveness (potentially) being a problem, other than that I like his game. Looney has some things going for him, but also has his fair share of bust potential, Wood's another boom or bust prospect. Lyles might fall within reach, if we're looking at a big that's probably my best case scenario. Watching his shot, I think he can develop into a real stretch 4 and he's certainly more athletic than Portis and he's also more skilled on the block.

    Preferences for PF

    Other players I'm looking at are Dekker, Justin Anderson, and RJ Hunter
    If Pierce decides to retire getting Dekker would be perfect.

    What we do in the draft is going to determine what we'll be looking for in FA so I haven't started to look into it much. Teletovic would be a good (cheap) option if we still need a stretch 4 once FA rolls around.

  • Beau Bartlett posted 5 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    I'm so po'd Kyrie made 3rd team over Wall, that's the worst snub! I honestly thought it was foregone conclusion that Wall would make 3rd team this season, there's no way Kyrie deserved it more. I doesn't make any sense how he can continue to be so overlooked.

  • Daniel posted 5 days ago


    Honestly, I feel that Cuban is kinda ruining Carlisle in the way that his coaching talents aren't being utilized much since Cuban's trying to sign every top free agent he can. If they settle for 8th next year again, Carlisle should just resign.

    That game was extremely fun to watch for me hehe >:). And it was on the Pistons' fan appreciation day too XD

    I love the NFL man! Um I follow Detroit, Green Bay, and New York Giants! And I feel bad for your Bengals....

  • Daniel posted 8 days ago


    I didn't know you followed the NFL...

  • Daniel posted 8 days ago


    It would be really strange to see the Mavs at the bottom of the West……and I think the reason Mark Cuban won't gut the team is because he's too prideful about winning and remember, he's one of the best entrepreneurs out there, he knows he'll make more money by having a winning team, so therefore he won't sacrifice this has-been group of guys. And the whole deal with Rondo didn't do them any favors either….and as you said, Carlisle is better with veteran teams, so if he went young, he'd probably have to fire Carlisle. So many questions in Dallas right now, but I think they're still fighting for 8th next year.

    Yeah I see your point about Lance Stephenson. And he absolutely has to improve his shot, or else he's done. He's done, plain and simple, if he doesn't make it happen. Also, I felt as if the Hornets players quit on Clifford by the end of the season. I could tell they weren't playing with any kind of energy (e.g. CHA @ DET, Detroit winning 116-77, Detroit having a 53-19 lead by the three minute mark of the second quarter).

  • Real NBA Fan posted 9 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Yeah, Cole is my favorite rapper today. Nas favorite all time.
    I had high expectations for Pryme, and it most certainly met those expectations. Royce Da 5'9 is way too underrated man! And of course DJ Premier doing his thing on that album.

    There's so many other albums that I haven't listed lol.
    Reasonable Doubt vs Ready To Die?
    To Pimp A Butterfly vs Good kid, mAAd city?
    Low End Theory vs Things Fall Apart (by the roots)?

    Lol yeah, I don't even wanna talk about that game... The ending of the Wizards season was just so sad :(

  • Real NBA Fan posted 10 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    You listen*

  • Real NBA Fan posted 10 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    DAMN! You Kirsten to more people than me lmao...

    Favorite New School:
    J. Cole
    Joey Bada$$
    Chance the Rapper
    Big KRIT
    Vic Mensa

    Favorite Old School:
    Tribe Called Quest
    The Roots
    Jay-Z/2pac/Biggie/Eminem (and all of them)
    Snoop Dogg

    Favorite albums:
    It Was Written
    2014 forest hills drive (and every other Cole album)

    Best Mixtape of 2014 has to be The Water[s] by Mick Jenkins in my opinion.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 11 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Who are your top 5 favorite rappers?

  • Luigi Lama posted 11 days ago

    Luigi Lama

    Hey you New Zelander looking bandwgionaerrrrrr pieeo of ppop