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Corey McDevitt

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I'm 21 years old, from New Zealand
Mavs fan since 2007
Bobcats fan since 2008
Washington fan since 2010
Bengals fan since 2014
Bring the JET back to Dallas!

BOLD PREDICTIONS Prior to the season;
-Philly will finish with the worst record in NBA history
-Detroit are the sleepers of the East, will finish 6th
-John Wall will lead the league in APG

-Dallas will make WCF

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  • Beau Bartlett posted 22 hours ago

    Beau Bartlett

    Waddup bro? It's been a while! Although now that I think about it I rmeber you saying the the internet was pretty horrible where you're working.

    The Wizards have really taken that next step! Second in the East, getting the 1st seed would be amazing, but with the way the Hawks are looking I don't think that's gonna happen.

    I can't believe Wall lead all Eastern guards in all star voting! The only eastern player to get more votes than him was Lebron. It's crazy how much his popularity skyrocketed this season.

    I love Miller but he's been pissing me off lately, lol, he seems to be wearing down. Can Ernie finally go find a PG or combo guard that can score? Nate would be awesome, same with Jarrett Jack. Overall the bench has been pretty good though. Seraphin's definitely been the biggest surprise this season. He's really been impressive and atm he's probably the best option in the 2nd unit.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 6 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    CLOSE GAME! Wall had too many fouls...

  • Real NBA Fan posted 16 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Bengals are out, hehe!

  • Jens Gehring posted 40 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    Hey, Long time not heared!

    How do you feel now after the Rondo-Trade?
    I still canĀ“t believe it...


  • Mavs 113 posted 46 days ago

    Mavs 113

    Yo Corey, ready to watch our Mavs break a streak? I have a feeling that the Warriors run will end tonight in Big D!

  • Beau Bartlett posted 47 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    All Star voting started yesterday! I'm gonna be going all out this year. They're ranking the players by PIE, and Wall's on the very top of the list for east guards. Hopefully that helps him wrack up some votes.

    I was watching the show 'The Starters' yesterday, and they were debating ESPN's top 25 under 25, which had Wall ranked 3rd behind Davis and Cousins (with Kyrie in 4th) pretty much everyone agreed Wall should be ahead of Kyrie, except for one guy, and this was part of his reasoning.

    "I know John Wall gets more assists per game, but that really doesn't come into it for me, I think Kyrie is better at running an offense"

    I've heard other people throw out baseless ideas similar to this. Quotes like these are completely mind boggling to me! Wall's literally doubling Kyrie's assist production! Lebron has basically become Cleveland's PG because Kyrie's unable to run a team, yet somehow Kyrie is better at running an offense? WTF are these people smoking?

    Anyway, that's my rant for today, haha,
    Stoked for the Clips game tonight!

  • Real NBA Fan posted 51 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Who do you think would win in the playoffs (if they match-up)
    Raptors vs Wizards?

    That would be a GREAT series!

  • Hector Kings posted 55 days ago

    Hector Kings

    I hate the Rockets....

    Sorry, I've had problems with my computer that bother me so much I don't even try to use. it

  • Enzo posted 56 days ago


    thxs for reminding me about the Raiders win against the Chiefs :) it helps me forget about the beating that the Rams gave us the week after lol

    hmmm, i havent watched much Packers game so i cant really evaluate their chances. however, i seen some of their highlights, and Aaron Rodgers will carry this team as far as he can

    now, as for Pats, i actually watched some of their games, and i can say that their team has been on a roller coaster ride. despite their impressive record, Brady has looked like he's done at times and sometimes the run game is virtually nonexistent. factor in Gronk's injury history and this team doesnt really have their chances secured

    since i live in the West Coast, ive been able to watch almost every Broncos/Colts game. their offense is bar to none and the consistency is amazing on both sides of the field

    so yea :p thats y i have either the Colts or Broncos winning it all

  • Beau Bartlett posted 57 days ago

    Beau Bartlett

    Sorry for the double post, didn't think that first one went through.