Zach Kruse is a 26-year-old sports writer who currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After studying economics and history at UW-Madison, Zach covered prep sports for his local newspaper, The Dunn County News, while also completing the Bleacher Report internship program and landing a job covering the NFL for the company.

He is now the NFC North Lead Writer for Bleacher Report.

Zach also writes for Cheesehead TV: http://cheeseheadtv.com.

Zach is a member of the Pro Football Writers Association (PFWA).

You can also follow Zach on Twitter at http://twitter.com/zachkruse2, or if you need to contact him directly, zachkruse2@gmail.com.

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  • AJ Nunya posted 27 days ago

    AJ Nunya

    nice job on the pick records. That says something about your knowledge of NFL teams and players.

  • otto s posted 188 days ago

    otto s

    You should give up. Your articles are crap.

  • Brian Fantana posted 189 days ago

    Brian Fantana

    weak sauce

  • steve kurschner posted 258 days ago

    steve kurschner

    @Scott Shille How much money did you make on the Seahawks SB win?

  • Stanley Lombardi posted 267 days ago

    Stanley Lombardi

    Right, Zach--how DARE you think differently from this clown!

  • Scott Schille posted 268 days ago

    Scott Schille

    Zach, I went after you, because it was ridiculous per se to predict Denver to win the Super Bowl in the first place. So, you shouldn't have made that prediction in the first place. You should have known that record-setting offenses usually lose the Super Bowl. You also should have known that the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense in the Super Bowl 3 out of 4 times. Now, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense 4 out of 5 times. Furthermore, you should have also known the physical teams will almost always smash finesse teams, but you forgot about that as well.

  • Scott Schille posted 269 days ago

    Scott Schille

    The Bleacher Report should fire you or they better make sure you are not writing NFL articles. Before the start of tonight's game, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense (in the Super Bowl) 3 out of 4 times. Now, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense 4 out of 5 times in the Super Bowl. The great head coach Vince Lombardi has said, "Defense wins championships!"

    Teams who have record-setting offenses (like the Broncos) usually lose the Super Bowl. Remember the Patriots in 2009? Do you see the similarities between this year's Broncos and the 2009 Patriots? Now, I realize that was a much closer Super Bowl, but the Giants had a good enough defense to beat that prolific offense. How can you be oblivious to those trends? Off with your NFL journalistic head!!!!

  • Dilan Ames posted 429 days ago

    Dilan Ames

    Hey, Zach!

    It is often that I sit down at my laptop and read other writers' work on here, and most times I enjoy myself just fine, but I especially enjoyed you VY as a Plan B article. Tremendous; the analysis, use of visuals, etc. Great work man, hope you break the top 50 soon.


  • William Schauer posted 455 days ago

    William Schauer

    Great article on the Seahawks and Niners.

  • brian henderson posted 539 days ago

    brian henderson

    I find it sad that a person makes his living digging up stats that try to bash one of the greatest qb's of all time and a guy that has had more success than any other player currently playing. I mean you can find stats to support anything if u mess with the parameters. You use the fact that brady couldnt lead a game winning drive against the cards, ravens, or seattle last season. If u were anything other than a crappy reporter trying to make a dime off of athletes that do what u can barely even dream of doing, u would have also put that the cards game was out of his hands. He led them to a game winning td, but it was called back for a hold that had nothing to do with the play, then he still got them in fg range to win it but their kicker missed it. Also, u blame the super bowl losses on him, but from the way u report this story it seems like u didnt even watch the games. Yeah he didnt have great games in either, but he led a game winning drive in super bowl xLII that gave them the lead w under 2 minutes left, but his defense failed him and their was the helmet catch, samuel dropped an int, and belichick left ellis hobbs man to man w burress on the last td. Cant blame that on brady. he had the game winning drive, but his defense gave it away. Then there was super bowl sLvI that u speak of when brady had given ne the lead at the end of the 4th quarter, but when leading a drive to run out the clock, the supposed "great wr" that u speak of that brady is so lucky to have dropped a crucial 3rd down pass to end the drive. again not his fault, he gave them the lead late in the 4th but welker and his defense let him down again. if his defense would have stopped another great clutch qb, eli manning, u wouldnt have grounds for this argument and u would be making ur money off calling him the greatest qb ever. Also u state that noone feels sorry for him bc of his weapons. Well obviously u dont pay attention to welkers knack for dropping balls in big moments of big games. Several in the afc champ game last season to go along w that super bowl drop and many more. And brady puts up elite numbers w his weapons, but what u arent stating in this article is his lack of a deep threat and injuries to his weapons. That has also hurt him. Gronk is never healthy for the playoffs, and welker sucks in the playoffs. This article is garbage and its because of reporters like u, that use stats from other sites and companies and twist and turn them, that give journalists a bad rap. u just wanna make a buck. I couldnt do something like this for a living and feel in any way good about myself. I couldnt imagine having to show an article like this to my son and tell him thats what i do for a living is write garbage like this. i think a requirement for reporting sports is u actually played a sport on at least some type of college platform otherwise ur jus an outsider looking into a world ur cast out of... truly truly sad

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