Claire Reclosado

Claire Reclosado

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Bay Area native. Raised minutes away from the Oakland Coliseum. UC Davis graduate.

Lifelong sports fan. MLB obsessed. Motorcycle Racing enthusiast. Boxing fanatic.

Guys' girl. Undercover girly-girl. Maltese owner. Loyal girlfriend from Feb 1996-October 9, 2010 (the date of transition from loyal girlfriend to loyal wife).

Secretive. High-maintenance. Mysterious. Inspired.

Ex-Drumline Instructor/Colorguard Instructor/Volleyball Coach.

Featured on:, (thx B/R), (aka Bay Area Claire)

Educator. Writer. Suzuki GSX-R Rider. Blackberry addict. Strong Pilipina.

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  • Chris Stephens posted 1704 days ago

    Chris Stephens

    Just wrote an article on Roy Halladay and the Cy Young award. Check it out at

  • Pat Egan posted 1744 days ago

    Pat Egan

    My ranking of the Phils top 10 prospects

  • Shanan H. posted 1871 days ago

    Shanan H.

    Can Jason Werth repeat his season in 2010?

  • Dan Parzych posted 1881 days ago

    Dan Parzych

    As the World Series gets under way later tonight, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the "frienemies" that will develop between fans in this year's World Series.

    Hope you enjoy!


  • Jim McNulty posted 1886 days ago

    Jim McNulty

    Hi Claire!! I'm sure you're as jazzed as I am!

    I got really annoyed with Cole's antics on the mound. It really would be nice if he could get his act together.

  • Lou Cappetta posted 1892 days ago

    Lou Cappetta

    Here's how we all voted. Thanks so much for the help. Enjoy.

  • A. Version 2.0 posted 1939 days ago

    A. Version 2.0

    Can you plz give me some feedback on this article.

  • Bleacher Report posted 1942 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    Former MLB player Eric Karros called my article into question on Colin Cowherd's ESPN Radio show yesterday.

    He challenged me for a re-do: but here's my response.

    I assure you, it's not just a ridiculous personal attack, but it shows that Karros was off-base with his statements.

  • A. Version 2.0 posted 1948 days ago

    A. Version 2.0

    I was wondering if a good writer such as yourself could give me some feedback on this article

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 1961 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Greetings baseball fans -

    Have a couple of new selections on Dodger baseball out of the oven and ready for you to sample. Hope you will be able to drop by for a look see: