Sean Conery

Sean Conery


I'm just another guy trying to make it as a sports writer, but I'm giving it everything I've got. I'm an avid Minnesota sports fan, but I'm really a fan of sports in general. I'm admittedly a powerhouse/franchise team hater in all sports, but I'm very objective with everyone else. I root for the underdog and love upsets, comeback players, rookie stars, and players that come out of nowhere. The same goes for teams, I like the non-favorites over the teams with all of the hype.

I always try to focus on the positive and negative when I write as opposed to just the negative which seems so common in sports media today. I'm not afraid to stick my neck out there and make bold predictions, but I don't claim to be an all-knowing guru. When I make predictions, I really research my topic to make sure my guesses and picks are as educated as they can be. Please leave me comments, I love discussing sports more than just about anything. It doesn't matter if you want to rip my head off for writing something you find idiotic or if you think I made a good point somewhere, I will respond to as many comments as I can.

Right now, I'm entering my senior year at the University of Minnesota Duluth and I'm going for a Professional Writing degree. It's a sort of Journalism/Writing Studies hybrid that isn't offered at too many institutions, so it's definitely unique. Being in Duluth gives me a great edge as a sports writer because the weather here often forces me to stay inside and write more. It's my dream to be a sports writer for the NFL and/or the NFL Draft, but I don't care if I'm writing for the Gophers football team or anything else in sports, I just really enjoy researching and writing.

I hope you enjoy my work most of all, because why write if you suck? Like I said, I don't claim to be some genius sports guru, I just have my ideas that I like to lay out there. My main goal is to promote sports discussions and to entertain readers. Once again, I love comments the most because I never get sick of discussing sports. I don't care if you want to pick a fight or just tell me you liked a point I made, I'm glad to hear from anybody and everybody, and I'll respond to everyone I can.

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