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I just have one question: Why can't CM Punk continue to be a fan-favorite AND stand by his attack on the Rock? He gave a pretty good reason: the Rock was trying to steal the spotlight away from the WWE championship and redirect the spotlight onto himself.

The only problem I have with Punk's current angle is that Punk should be instructed to not whine about himself. His argument with AJ at the end of Raw cheapened everything about his recent character devlopment. It cheapened his character because most fans (of all entertainment) like characters that are more complex than WWE's standard cookie-cutter faces and heels. Whining about being disrespected for being put in a triple threat match after interfering in a match to cause a draw between the other two competitors is an obvious heel move.

That "heelish" misstep not withstanding, I think there is still enough material to keep Punk from going full-blown heel in spite of himself.

Case in point: The WWE championship was the centerpiece of the Austin/Rock rivalries (the later ones, at least); the WWE championship was at the center of the real-life animosity between Bret Hart and Sean Michaels; and it is the dream of just about every professional wrestler in the business.

Don't believe me: Ask any wrestler if they would rather hold the WWE championship or beat John Cena at a pay-per-view.

So why were John Cena's matches against Kane, Big Show, and John Laurinaitis main event matches over Punk's title defenses against Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan?

The paragraphs above were written on August 4, 2012.

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