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In the American Oxford Dictionary, the term modulus is basically a math term, and though applicable in some way, was beyond what I wanted to delve into. So without acquiring into much more complex definitions that involve logarithms, modulus is the absolute appeal of a complex number.
Which make me discount office furniture consult, did modular office furnishings originated form math? From this meaning, not only did the word modular develop, but just before that, the term module. given that the definition of modular includes the word module, lets take a seem at module first. one other piece of helpful information I discovered about modular office furnishings was at Britannica Encyclopedia online, and is specifically about modular building construction. Modular construction is a system during which buildings are so designed that their dimensions are multiples of a given figure. Modular construction simplifies the problem of producing standard building components and resources that will fit together in a wide variety of applications.

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