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  • Kevin Hess posted 205 days ago

    Kevin  Hess

    Haven't been on the site in awhile. When did they take away writing privileges? Is it due to inactivity or just a general clean up?

  • Abbaz Jones posted 229 days ago

    Abbaz Jones

    Great article as always,Sir!..

  • Barely Legal Sentient Pizza Demon posted 292 days ago

    Barely Legal Sentient Pizza Demon

    Always been a huge fan of Chad's work elsewhere. Glad to see you guys gave him an outlet for his MMA writing again...great hire. Not sure who else is out there as a free agent that B/R could scoop up but definitely keep Jack Slack and Chad on the payroll. How easy is it for you guys to poach writers from other publications?

  • gargamel gargamel posted 333 days ago

    gargamel gargamel


    Omg, you look now like someone that dropped his pants in public and walk away just like nothing happen, in hope no one noticed.


  • Dale De Souza posted 461 days ago

    Dale De Souza

    Thanks for the props man.

  • Kevin Hess posted 461 days ago

    Kevin  Hess

    Did you give up on the writing side of things?

  • Dustin Filloy posted 515 days ago

    Dustin Filloy

    What's up Brian? Thanks for the reader praise on the slideshows I did this weekend. I greatly appreciate all the support my friend!

  • Kevin Hess posted 659 days ago

    Kevin  Hess

  • Craig Amos posted 774 days ago

    Craig Amos


    While I appreciate the "props" I would prefer that you simply express accusations of bias against either fighter in the comments section of my article.

    Please keep this in mind for future conveyances of appreciation.

  • Brian Mazique posted 783 days ago

    Brian Mazique

    thanks man