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A 20-year journalism veteran who has written and produced my own syndicated sports commentary five days a week since October 2010. My blog is at

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  • Matt M posted 538 days ago

    Matt M

    Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in joining a MLB message board. The URL is and it's free to join. You talk about real life baseball etc

  • Chris Goldsmith posted 582 days ago

    Chris Goldsmith

    Watson's article is typical drive-by journalism where Yahoo Sports takes a small sample and bury's the 2013 Yankees early, simply to be the first to do so. They no doubt were the first to make the May Yankees the most surprising team too. It's not that they're wrong, it's that their reporting is so disposable that the who can tell at a season's end who said what, who knows what and who as an organization is producing more than opinionated gossip dressed in the clothing of reportage? I know that the internet is an always starving child that must be fed and that nutrition matters less than volume but what is the tipping point for journalism's collapse into delivery system alone with the reader left to wonder who owns this? Ultimately the reader feels Yahoo must know something because Yahoo has said everything. Was the 5th Estate built not on volume but on trust?

  • Mister Baseball posted 746 days ago

    Mister Baseball

    We're still waiting for the retraction statement on your article that propagated inaccuracies and falsehoods.

    This is not simply going to "go away" until you properly address it.

    It's only going to get worse. I promise this.

  • Philip Schawillie posted 795 days ago

    Philip Schawillie

    I also thank you for the advice; I'll be careful.

  • Philip Schawillie posted 796 days ago

    Philip Schawillie

    Thanks for the kind words and thoughtful comments.

  • Doug Rush posted 852 days ago

    Doug Rush

    Hey Phil,

    Just saw you became the newest Featured Columnist for the Yankees on B/R. Congrats on the accomplishment and keep up the good work and stories.

  • Andrea Hangst posted 1115 days ago

    Andrea Hangst

    Thanks Phil!

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