Ken Capritto

Ken Capritto


I was born and raised in Louisiana and recently moved to NYC just over a year ago. One of my biggest concerns about moving here was not being able to attend all the LSU games like I did when I lived in Louisiana. The first thing I did when I moved here was search for a place where all the LSU fans hang out here in NYC and found a great place where about 300-500 LSU fans hang out every game. It is awesome. Its almost like being back home or tailgating. I was able to make a game last year in Baton Rouge and plan on making another one this year. I have been a Tiger Fan since a very young age and sometimes wish I would have never gotten so involved in LSU sports because when they lose I really have a hard time getting over it. Seriously, I actually get sick when they lose. Its an addiction that I will never get help for cause I love it.

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  • Kerry pelous posted 2585 days ago

    Kerry pelous

    well hello there my friend

  • Ken Capritto posted 3236 days ago

    Ken Capritto

    Yes about the title, I got a note from B/R asking to write about sports funniest moments so I didn't know it would end up on my regular profile.. lol

  • Tim Coughlin posted 3236 days ago

    Tim Coughlin

    Yeah, I was lucky to find it. B/R also has a partnership with CBS Sports, so all the better haha. Anyway, keep up the good work. I do recommend writing the headline to imply it is about the past if you do anymore articles like that. The way you had it made it seem recent. Story was fine.

    Take it easy,


  • Michael Cline posted 3311 days ago

    Michael Cline

    Hey man! Saying goodbye to a season, hope you enjoy!