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Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to this site but so far I'm loving it. I'm from South Carolina so I get to attend a lot of Gamecock games and Carolina Panthers games and often times you'll find me writing about those experiences with you. I don't get to go to many Redskins games, maybe one every other year or something like that, but I'll still be writing about them a lot as well.

I love sports and I love to getting into all kinds of debates like which college football conference is better (clearly its the SEC) and things like that. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and comments with you as well as hopefully receiving feedback from those who read my articles.


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  • Craig Garrison Sr posted 3359 days ago

    Craig Garrison Sr

    I know your busy, I'm putting together another Redskins roundtable. I intend to pose several questions, collect input from many writers on the same set of question, and then compile their work into one space. If you are interested in participating, please email me (bleacher_report@blucollarsales.com) and I'll send you the questions. I will link to each writer's profile, or a specific article if you like as well in an attempt to get some good cross linking.

    Thanks, Craig