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  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2205 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Hey Naz,

    Appreciate the link mate. Was an interesting read indeed..

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2207 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Thanks for the reply mate and I must agree that I've seen that pattern for quite some time now. Hulk 100 mil euro!!!! unbelievable to say the least.

    So now to the next question, do you think Fernando is worth 15M?

  • David Hendrick posted 2207 days ago

    David Hendrick

    I loved that how he referred to his own article. Trying to make himself the voice of reason.

    Have a read of this -

  • David Hendrick posted 2207 days ago

    David Hendrick

    Worth a read -

  • David Hendrick posted 2208 days ago

    David Hendrick

    Great comment on Terry's dribble about how great the FA and the "independent panel" are. Shame he forgets there was no factual basis for the guilty verdict. Maybe if he read the report he'd know that.

    Question for you, reading the way his article was written and the language used "we" instead of "I" and "Mr. Suarez" didn't it seem like some sort of official statement from the FA or something, rather than an article by a journalist?

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2229 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Hey mate, what are your thoughts on Porto's Fernando, I've watched a few games here and there the past couple of seasons and he comes across as a tough tackling midfielder.

  • Dexter Moser posted 2263 days ago

    Dexter Moser

    Naz, I always look forward to reading your comments, incisive and on target. You definitely should consider become a sports writer. Or maybe you're one already.

  • Nigel S. posted 2296 days ago

    Nigel S.

    Thanks for the great comment as usual... you really bring it each and every time and continuously challenge me to look at things in a different light.