Andrew Dickerson

Andrew Dickerson


My name is Andrew (this is not a real picture of me, I'm not quite that classy). I am not a writer, I have never had anything published, and I am determined to write the worst, most poorly rated article ever on bleacher report. I am horrible at both spelling and grammar, and if I happen to do something right your can be assured it was purely by luck. I frequently write things myself when I am unable to convey a message by any other means and feel that writing is an excellent form of communication, second only to speech (a very distant second), well and maybe sign language... oh and brail (that doesn't count as writing does it?... whatever). I, however, am a huge fan of writing and I enjoy reading well writen articles about subjects of interest to me. Keep your eye out in the future for my article, I assure you it will be as bad as it seems and make sure you vote me only one star.

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  • H posted 3405 days ago


    You should write an article :)