Ed Leyro

Ed Leyro


I spend too much time complaining to others about my favorite sports teams and pointing out the flaws of their preferred teams, but until now, I never thought about putting those thoughts in writing.

My favorite professional sports team is the New York Mets. That's the team you will see me talking and writing about more than any other. People who know me say that I live vicariously through a teddy bear I have named Joey. He is also a Mets fan and he'd be very outspoken about his opinions on the team if he had any vocal cords.

My writing tends to be sarcastic with an offbeat sense of humor and can occasionally be absurd. Occasionally, I'll even write an article in poem form. It depends on how my brain is working (or not working) on that particular day. If and when I do find something worth sharing, you'll read it here. Let's just hope Joey doesn't feel like putting his two cents in as well...

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  • Tanya Mercado posted 3347 days ago

    Tanya Mercado

    Thanks for becoming a fan Ed. Welcome aboard to Bleacherreport.