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  • Paul Smythe posted 3307 days ago

    Paul Smythe

    Hey, man. Why are you constantly fighting with someone? I'm just wondering.

  • Timmy Bonilla posted 3318 days ago

    Timmy Bonilla

    Barry Sanders had 15,269 yards and he only played 9 years. Only a couple thousand away from emmit's precious record. Emmite would have never gotten the record if Barry didn't retire. So obviously the record isn't that unbreakable. Moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, how old are you? did you reall call me a dick face. What are you going to call me a butt head next. So in the NBA you only root for your favorite players. That makes sence. Why don't you root for the Knicks you fair weather fan!!!!!!!

  • Timmy Bonilla posted 3318 days ago

    Timmy Bonilla

    Sorry I know I'm not a good article writer, unlike you. It's time to wake up buddy and realize your nothing but a wanna be.

    By the way Emmit Smith has the unbreakable record. hahahha. Ya right. Lt will probably break it easily.

    By the way, Los Angeles Lakers and Yankees. Seriously, wow, do you just always pick the best franchises in most sports.


  • Timmy Bonilla posted 3319 days ago

    Timmy Bonilla

    O ya I forgot, You also have a tiny penis!!!!

  • Timmy Bonilla posted 3320 days ago

    Timmy Bonilla

    Hey Josh all of your articles suck. You're comments are brutal. Your just a loser.

  • Molly Gray posted 3334 days ago

    Molly Gray

    Looking forward to the Dallas-Cincinnati match up this weekend? Sounds like Chad Ocho Cinco is too!

  • Mike Dussault posted 3340 days ago

    Mike  Dussault

    One good decade? Was that a joke? What do you call an NFL Franchise that has one good decade? Oh that's right: a DYNASTY.

  • Steve Frith posted 3340 days ago

    Steve Frith

    Hey Josh...I liked your "10 overrated players" article! I'm looking forward to reading your "10 underrated players" article in the future!