Seth Graus

Seth Graus


Hey all :)

New writer here. I'm a big fan of professional wrestling, so I was drawn to this site to share my opinion with other dedicated fans. I am currently in University, but I will always manage to write an article, or at least one exciting slideshow, per week.

Thanks to all the readers for helping me get up to 20,000 reads!

Take care all.

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  • Mark Morales posted 2439 days ago

    Mark Morales

    hey buddy, I had major oral surgery this weekend, so I didn't get to publish my lastest article, but i took a few of your suggestions and incorporated them into the article. Thanks again man!

  • Mark Morales posted 2447 days ago

    Mark Morales

    Blake Oestriecher wrote an article today and he basically stated everything i stated in my email to you. You should check it out

  • Mark Morales posted 2448 days ago

    Mark Morales

    hey Seth, I'm sending you an email, the subject line will have my name on it, its the rough draft for an article I'm going to submit. tell me what you think

  • Kieran Mackey posted 2454 days ago

    Kieran Mackey

    Hey, I'm the guy who you said to inbox you, sorry I dunno if this is inboxing or anything but yeah, you said you wanted to talk about this, so?

  • Bubblez Bracken posted 2454 days ago

    Bubblez Bracken

    Your profile pic: Awesome.