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  • Jamie Ward posted 3295 days ago

    Jamie Ward

    Thanks for getting back to me bud,

    Just a little history about how u came to support liverpool, memorable moments supporting them, fav players managers etc hopes for the current team/manager, why you feel liverpool is the right team for you, the sort of stuff thats alittle diferent from the norm if you know what i mean.

    A bit of history about ure article, what you think of it ureself etc, any news and story on ure next one, what u want from bleacher, etc

    Hope u dont mind be as detailed or as brief as u like,

    And feel free to decline if you would prefer,

    Thanks for ure time and dont feel u have to rush this, take as much time as u need.

  • Jamie Ward posted 3295 days ago

    Jamie Ward

    Hi tony,

    My names jamie and i write for the liverpool community here on bleacher,

    Im doing a new series that spotlights on new additions to our community and wondered if you would answer a few questions for me so i can do a write up on you and ure work,

    Message me if you are up for it bud,