william wallace

william wallace


I live in Lake George Michigan. my wife and I have been married Since 2000 and Believe it or not we meant on the internet. we do not have any kids yet unless you count our Yellow Lap Jayden he's a Hand Full. I fix and rebuild computer, I run the new Lake George MI web site That me and my wife created http://lakegeorge.webuda.com/, and the lake George boosters club site http://www.lakegeorgeboostersclub.org

I have my own Internet TV talk station That I run out of my House, I will be back up and running soon but feel free to go to my Facebook Page
or even My TV Channel on Livestream
on Livestream.com - http://livestream.com/dredtv
Become A Fan on Dred TV on Facebook.com

I Like to hang out with my friends and family. If you want to know anything else about me just ask

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