I'm a 27 year old from Scranton, PA that loves all sports, especially college football and basketball and baseball. I'm a U. Pitt football season ticketholder.

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  • stack attack posted 1096 days ago

    stack attack

    matt, do you think you could do a slide show of 50 greatest braves of all time? or if there is one like that already that you know of could you shoot me link! thank

  • Hope Dlugozima posted 1096 days ago

    Hope Dlugozima

    Hmmm....maybe my post was lost but wanted to let you know 1) I enjoyed your Chipper column and 2) here's a piece you may like: http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/arts-culture/stories/7-strangely-superstitious-baseball-players

  • J P posted 1102 days ago

    J P

    It'd be cool if you wrote about the Braves start, and things they could do to drive in more runs, trades, line-up changes and things like that. Theres a lot of disappointed braves fans, could get you a feature on the home page.

  • Ken Carroll posted 1247 days ago

    Ken Carroll

    Matt, Do you tweet about sports (especially SEC football and the Braves)? You write well and I'd like to subscribe to your twitter account if possible.

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