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  • Elliot Gerard posted 476 days ago

    Elliot Gerard

    Hey BR Studios,
    I am a featured illustrator/designer for major sports brands like ESPN, CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated. I also work directly with professional teams, I am the exclusive digital illustrator for the New York Knicks and New York Rangers, I have worked on a variety of digital and merchandise products for The New York Red Bulls and my artwork has been on the cover of the Phoenix Suns Free Throw Magazine. In addition I work with professional athletes organizations like J.R. Smith's Reach Anonymous and sports agents like Hazan Sports Management.

    My work has been written about in the Boston Globe, Washington Post, Fox Sports and in many other sports media outlets. Recently I worked on editorial illustrations for Fansided and Cover 32. I would love to have an opportunity to create some designs and illustrations for Bleacher Report as well if you are interested. You can see my work on my website elliotgerard.com or my Instagram account @elliotgerard.

    Thanks for you time and consideration and I look forward to talking further with you.
    All the best,
    Elliot Gerard

  • Garrett Henderson posted 940 days ago

    Garrett Henderson

    I cannot get the videos either. Any ideas

  • Lasse Soerensen posted 1231 days ago

    Lasse Soerensen

    What program/software do you use to make the videos? I like the movement of the pictures (slideshow videos), and I kind of need a technique like that for a school project, unrelated to football though..

  • Jereme Robinson posted 1266 days ago

    Jereme Robinson

    Anyone know why I cant get the videos? The videos aren't on the page when opening.

  • Jereme Robinson posted 1266 days ago

    Jereme Robinson

    how do I watch the videos? I always see a story and it mentions some "video above" and there is never a video. Am I missing something?

  • Javelina Ben posted 1274 days ago

    Javelina Ben

    I no longer see anywhere to activate the video. Can you help?

  • Gabe Nicholas posted 1294 days ago

    Gabe Nicholas

    Anyone know why I cant get the videos? The videos aren't on the page when opening.

  • Frank Dux posted 1308 days ago

    Frank Dux

    The Bengals are playing AT the Browns this week. Amateur.

  • Space Ghost posted 1319 days ago

    Space Ghost

    Your guaranteed losses are all turning into wins. Time to move on to predicting bowling.

  • James Dean posted 1326 days ago

    James Dean

    Now it seems like your geno,pryor, and manuel video is a load of ass now. dont even deserve to cover a sport you know NOTHING about